Fathers Week Post Four

Yes, I missed posting Wednesday, so you get two today, Thursday, 13 June, 2019. Yesterday I did a hundred things. My pain level got very high before the end of the evening.

Don’t break you neck. You will not like what comes with it.

Whine, whine, whine.

This weeks, leading to Father’s Day on Sunday, we review some of the factors we see on applications from those who would like to enter our work. We have reason, then, to believe the recurring factors really add to the likelihood of criminal behavior.

Get ready to laugh at me.

Drugs and alcohol.

Who knew?

And, get ready to laugh louder at me now.

We hear all about the Gateway Drugs. These are the “lesser” drugs that help you feel a buzz for awhile, but, when they no longer get you the buzz, they “open the gate” to the next drug up the ladder.

Ready to laugh?


Cigarettes. Vapes, name it.

Tobacco. Nicotine. Legal. Acceptable in many places, still.


Gentlemen, if you want to be present, productive and protective of your family (children, sons), pull that Camel out of your mouth and breathe it no more.

Who knew?

They guy with a cigarette in his mouth needs a drink to go with it. Alcohol. Or, he needs to breathe something else to get his buzz. This is the very definition of a “Gateway Drug.”

Gentlemen, you are doing your son or daughter a favor if you keep tobacco out of the family. Presence, Provision, Protection. This is what your kids need from you.

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