Andrea Walton and Tami Tobey for MISD Schoolboard

No, I do not understand how anyone has the courage to put their name on a ballot in a local election. I do know they have more courage than I could muster.

I have nothing bad to say about anyone who is running in any of our local elections. They all have my admiration.

That said, I am voting for Andrea Walton and Tami Tobey for MISD Schoolboard. They have proven they will ask the hard questions that need asking.

I invite you to meet me at the polls to vote for these two fine ladies.

Vote for Paul D. Perry. Vote for Brad Norman.

Vote. Tomorrow is the start of early voting in local and state primaries. Remember: The winners of these primaries will be their party’s candidates in the fall. Therefore, they must win tomorrow. There are more registered voters in Texas than ever. There are two million more registered voters in Texas now than during the 2016… Continue Reading

Questions I Am Often Asked

As we near the end of the first month of the year 2020, I find it necessary to set aside a moment. I will use this spare moment to settle some of the questions I am often asked. Who will win the Super Bowl this coming Sunday? The people who sell advertising space. Who will… Continue Reading

Saint John’s Church in South Lake

Saint John’s Church in South Lake has a meaningful ministry to felons in Texas prisons. St. John’s Church Prison Ministry has been present, vital and valid for decades. On Saturday, January 25, 2020, our friends at St. John’s hosted Bill Curry and me at their Leadership meeting. They were kind to give us 30 minutes… Continue Reading

Festivall For The Rest of Ya’ll

I have started 2020 over again. I am now calling this 2020.2. You will understand one cannot begin a New New Year without celebration. I have decided to call this New New Year Celebration, Festivall. It is for the rest of ya’ll. On Sunday morning, January 12, 2020, I could not sleep. We had a… Continue Reading