Our friend Doug Windsor has died

Doug Windsor, a friend to all who know him, died at his home this morning. Doug is a man easy to love. We will have his service at the Boze-Mitchell Funeral Home in Waxahachie on Saturday at 2pm. Please pray for Toby and Chris and their families. This is a

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Today in prayer…

…a thorny issue nettling my soul for some time may have been salved. There has been great peace and comfort for me in prayer this day.

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Pray. Do not stop. Pray in praise to God. Pray in intercession for others. Pray without ceasing. Pray to cast all your cares on God, for God cares for you.

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Why Do We Pray?

Do we pray to avoid doing other work for God? No, we pray because our Lord prayed and, so, urged us to pray by example. We pray because the various persons noted in the Old and New Testaments all engage in prayer. We pray because we see how the various

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The Difference is a Prayer Commitment.

This first week of the month has been pretty tough. Our Chains of Grace ministry is tough on a normal day, but the virus has made everything more difficult for our guys, too. We are still committed to prayer for all of 2021. Three of my readers have messaged me

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The Jesus Prayer

In the third Christian century, called the Common Era by non-Christians, a steady stream of monastics made their way to the Egyptian desert. They became known to history as the Desert Fathers and Mothers. Their form of monasticism became the model for all others. The Desert Monastics taught a very

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