Chains of Grace: Episode two-Three Things I know

Please go to At the top of the Home Page see the words Reentry Podcast. Click on those words. When the page opens, please go to Episode Two. This is the testimony of Juan, one of our guys and the first to offer testimony on our Reentry Podcast. Take the full 18 minutes to hear about what God has done and is doing with Juan.

Believe me, it is worth the listen.

Virtual Reentry Party Tomorrow, Friday, February 22, 2019-Juan’s Testimony

Our Reentry Podcast tomorrow, Episode Two, will stir your heart. One of our guys, Juan, recounts his story. He tells about the three things he has known in his life; crimes of violence, prison and us. He literally has known nothing else. To access this Virtual Reentry Launch Party, do these things: Know it isContinue Reading

The 2020 Election and Its Idols

In 2020 the American electorate will again face a choice of candidates sure to make the world a bewildering place. I would like to cut through some of the nonsense now, in 2019, so we can proceed together as much as is possible. MY BIAS: I am grateful to Mr. Trump’s administration for its interestContinue Reading

Antipathy? No

One thing the men and women we work with daily teach me over and over again, is this; anger, hatred, hostility are just not the way to go. An abusive person we get out of prison is 90% likely to have been an abused person in their early life. So, really, at whom is ourContinue Reading

Virtual Launch Party Next Week on Friday, February 22, 2019

Party Invitation to You All! When: Friday, February 22, 2019 at 7: 26 am and lasting forever Where: At Reentry, our Chains of Grace podcast site How to Get There: Go to Virtual Launch Party on our Facebook Page. or look at the top of the home page of our and click on Re-entryContinue Reading

What I Meant…

was what I said. This is a real failing of the aging persons (like me). I was taken to task for telling a couple of young men who were sent to me independent of one another this one thing, after talking to them for a few hours apiece. To wit, the best way our ministryContinue Reading

As I Continue to Brag…

Last week, our oldest granddaughter finished her regular season in HS basketball. Her week? Ok, while double and triple teamed, she had, over two games, 88 points, 29 rebounds, fourteen steals and six assists. Yes, she is very, very good. She has a playoff game this Friday evening in Athens, Texas. I will do moreContinue Reading

Chains of Grace: We need $25,000 to get another house.

In a few weeks we will start to welcome residents into our latest refurbished safe house. At that time, when it fills, we will have 91 beds, along with our sister ministry, Haven of Rest. When we finish and fill the latest one, we will immediately try to find another and enter the bidding process.Continue Reading

Chains of Grace: This Does Not Always Work

When does our ministry run aground? When do we fail? I am not sure we fail. We tend to take all persons as they present themselves. When we cannot house a person, for whatever reason, we seek to find a more suitable residence to take our place. And, yet, there are those times when weContinue Reading

Chains of Grace-Why We Are Needed

I spent a good portion of time last week with young men who are headed for prison. They have not yet been arrested, charged, or even investigated for any crime. Our conversations were neither legal briefings nor confessional in nature. I was asked to speak with each young men by persons who love them. IContinue Reading