An Unarmed Citizenry: Page Two

My wife works at a local Baptist college. Our oldest granddaughter attends said college.

Yesterday, their campus was emptied by order (thank God) of the campus police and the Dallas police as well. I am going to point out a few obvious things.

One is, after the phoned in threat of bombs and gun violence were received, campus officials did not send for Beto O’Rourke. He might have shown up in a dress or he might have stayed away because he does not care for the religious views of our local religious college.

Regardless, the campus officials sent for serious men and women, peace officers all, to handle an adult situation wherein only grown-ups could really help. I thank God for our campus officials and police (who stayed on site the whole time regardless of personal danger.

Then, let me say, nothing happened. Something could have happened. Since my wife and our grand daughter are there, I tend to err on the side of extreme prudence. This was what the school and the police did, as well. Let me take a moment to point out, if people who are evil are out there with guns, I want serious, good people armed and out there in front of my loved ones.

What shall we do about guns? We must work on evil. These evil men and women who kill people without remorse, apparently, are not insane or even deranged. They are simply evil. Accept the truth of evil and our need to oppose it, if necessary, by force.

And, then, let me say, our college young people and workers were not free yesterday. They had to huddle up at a particular places and expect others to protect them. Their freedom was taken from them by an evil person or persons. I have never fired a gun with intent to take a human life. I do believe I would do so to protect my family. Don’t tell me they have to live in fear of the evil people out there with guns and bombs. This is unacceptable.

An Unarmed Citizenry

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