Do you vote?

I belong to that generation (Boomers, Busters, whatever you want to call us) that shows up to vote. I vote in every election. I vote early because I do not like lines but if I have to wait in line to vote, I will wait in line to vote.

President to dog catcher, I do not care. Tell me I can vote and see if I do not find a way to get to the poll. I love showing up at the polling place, showing an ID and I ADORE  getting a ballot to mark as I please. I like completing the ballot. I check it over to make sure I voted as I intended. And I really like putting the completed ballot in the ballot box.

My generation likes voting.

We may be the last one.

In the last midterms (Senate, Congress, Governors) less than 14% of millenials turned out to vote. Last week I found myself wondering how many of the protesters in Washington DC (either side of the aisle) turned out to vote. Age profiling would indicate, if you are looking at a younger protester, you are probably not looking at a voter.

I don’t know how many of the Protesters were paid, either, but chances are there were more than a few. The distressing scenes were just too beautifully choreographed to have been spontaneous.

I think it is time we got back to voting. My decrepit, grey  haired generation will see you at the poll. It is time younger people decided to go with us.

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