Root, root, root for the Home Team…

…if they don’t win its a shame.

Here are some tings to remember as Cowboys fans enter into another Winter of Discontent:

  • There is no “We” in professional sports. Yesterday, all 19 of “Us” (one as yet unborn, but life begins at conception in the Davis theology) were at Nana’s house, with four spares, some from as far away as Vermont. The “We” was so strong you could follow it around the house and watch three generations of “Us” age one to, well, my age. This is the “We” and the “Us.”
  • Before “We” gathered at the home of the Patriarch (Yes, me), “We” were at “Our” various churches with others of “Us,” gathered in divine services. This is the “We” of every Sabbath.
  • After most of “Us.” went home with “Our” families, I went to preach to a group of men re-entering society from prison. Some of them have been in prison, alone, in segregation for decades. The world as it is now is not what it was when they entered prison. One fellow openly shared about his thirteen years alone. The welcome for them is mixed as to their re-entry. Each one is part of the “Greater We.”

I have been a sports fan all my life. Uncoordinated and slight of build, I am the least athletic person. Yet, through the proliferation of sports activities and the multitude of roles involved, I have been around athletes and athletics all my life. I treasure and honor what these athletes do but I have learned there is no “We” in it all. My life is not better or worse because the Cowboys gave Aaron Rogers enough time to kick a final field goal as time expired. My life is better when I am with the “We” in worship. “Our” life is better when all the Davis men and their families come to our house with our daughter’s family, the Davis-Atchleys on a Sunday for dinner. Most of the time I barely sit down to eat. I chase the grandchildren around. We do not take our eyes off of the smallest ones of “Us.”

When I broke my neck in August I was coming in from officiating a game of some sport. The surgeon who put me back together told Us I was very fortunate to be alive and mobile. “We” stayed around my bed for the whole time I was in hospital. I was never there alone without one of “Us.” Very few people survive a massive break above C-5. I shattered C-1 and C-2. I certainly could have been gone. I did not wish to leave “Us.” There is another grandbaby on the way. I want to see this child and all the others as long as I can have them.

This is the “Us” and “We” do not live or die with some professional sports team.

“We” are secure in our love.



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