The 18 Minute Gap

President Richard Nixon allowed some very bad things to happen on his watch. He was forced to resign.

One of the loudest cries came out when his Oval Office tapes fell into the hands of some of his political enemies. It seems there was an 18 minute gap in one of the tapes, which almost could not have been caused by accident. Neither Mr. Nixon nor his loyal assistant Rosemary Woods ever said what was on the deleted tape. Mr. Nixon was assumed guilty of various crimes because someone near him deleted 18 minutes of conversation.

Mrs. Clinton deleted more than 33,000 emails. Please journey through your own email history, read 33,000 emails and time the gap. It will take you more than 18 minutes.

The Trump Campaign Has Finally Convinced Me

This week the Trump for President campaign changed leadership. A woman named Kellyanne Conway is now the spokesperson, the face and the heart of the Trump campaign. In twenty four hours, Ms. Conway has said Mr. Trump must focus more on his opponent and stop firing at his GOP mates. Mr. Trump, Kellyanne Conway said,Continue Reading

The Dearth of Democracy

One of the great old Athenian thinkers departed the deliberative body one day, never to return. Something different, something new and frightening repulsed him. “When the voting began,” he told his inquisitors, “the democracy ceased.” We are thousands of years removed from this fine thinker, whose name is lost to history, if he ever actuallyContinue Reading

Vengeance Is Not Mine…

…nor is vengeance yours.  The dedicated Peace Officers looking for two persons who may be implicated in today’s heinous act in Baton Rouge are not likely to be thinking of vengeance. In my life I have known a great many criminals. Only a few were preachers and even fewer were apprehended. In my life, IContinue Reading

A National Dialogue Must Start…

…and  this national dialogue must come to something pretty soon. We cannot have citizens shooting Peace Officers in the street. We cannot have Peace Officers shooting citizens in the street. The National Dialogue must start and it must come to something very real very soon. Chants and shouted slogans in the street simply will notContinue Reading

Musings in Nehemiah: A History Lesson and a Sermon

 “It is a trap of history to believe that eyewitnesses remember accurately what they have lived through.     —Theodore White Three “books” or “stories” round out the history of Israel’s early captivity. In order, they are Esther (the Lady comes first; the men could not do their work without her), then Ezra, and, finally,Continue Reading

Baylor University Scandal

The operative emotion for the Baylor Violence Scandal is anger, not sadness. Sadness fits if the situation is tragic, but this situation is not tragic. To be a tragedy, the situation you look at must be inevitable. Seeds sewn in the first act grow to fruition in the last act. The climax is tragic; inevitably,Continue Reading

Are you a good grandparent, or a great grandparent?

You are a good grandparent if all your grandchildren believe, individually, that he or she is your very favorite.   You are a great grandparent if each of them, individually, is correct in their thinking.Continue Reading

Sunday, April 3, 2016-Not a new church start…

…at Freedom Community Church, 5360 Buffalo Street, Midlothian, Texas. Freedom Community Church has been on that site for over two decades. Larry Atchley is pastor of the Freedom Community Church for more than eight years. He remains pastor of the church and will do so for years to come. Jordan Davis has been staff thereContinue Reading

April 3, 2016 Is Not A Launch Day, It Is Just Our First Day…

…to teach/preach through the Bible, beginning in Genesis 1:1. I have not idea where all this will take us. I do invite you to attend. Freedom Community Church in Midlothian, Texas has offered us space to hold an early worship time at their facility, 5360 Buffalo Street in the Buffalo Hills Addition off Hwy. 287Continue Reading