Day: January 17, 2011

In Camus’ Car

1/4/1960/47 Incorruptible militant, he who found nobility worthless and worth unrecognizable.   Incisive antagonist, he who left the radical  naked exposed for his reactionary ways.   Intimate activist, he who reappeared as a genius he was never, ever before.

An Admirable Life-15-Forgiveness

"How often shall we forgive? Until seven times? Until seventy times? How often shall we forgive, Master?" "How often shall you forgive? Forgive until seventy times seven."                 —-Recorded Conversation Between Jesus, the Christ, and One of His.    The point of forgiveness is not quantity but quality. Forgiveness is not just offered mindlessly, over …

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   At eventide the heavens flooded the earth.    "What did  you expect?" Hawk demanded through the roar.    "What?" Boj screamed in reply.    "When you opened the mouth of the captive did you expect he would sing your praises?" Hawk called back to him in a screech.    "Who did I hold captive?" …

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I am Hilarious

   At least, I look hilarious. My suits are all being taken up, again. I have dropped inches and pounds, again. I tried light lifting and was rebuffed, again. I look hilarious. It is getting ridiculous.