Day: December 15, 2011


Six   Some pairs seem like two old slippers fallen on the floor once, at a time, each striking the hardwood at the same time and, so, lumped together, frumpy and forgotten.   Some pairs seem more like two cymbals, flung together by a malevolent force outside themselves. They are a shock to the senses, …

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Five   If you cannot write what you want it does not matter what you write for whatever you write must be a lie if it is not what you want.   The mind's work is mostly a lie, anyway. The heart's intuition is the only truth. The mind will offer its devious desires, but …

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Compromise and Its Candidacy

   The most important blogger in Texas baptist life looked at David Hardage's selection for BGCT ED and sniffed, "Who?"    Since the aforementioned blogger, who writes the only blog on this fading subject (BGCT) that matters is a personal friend and far better informed than I, it is necessary to admit there might have …

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