2040 AD: The End of Life on Earth as We Know It. What You Ought to Worry About Until Then

   Pastor/Believer/Ethicist: The end of human life on earth as we now know it will occur by the year 2040 AD. For centuries the global human population has been increasing. That will change by 2040 and the American Congress is trying to help bring the change sooner if possible.

   You can read this series over at pastors pal. I started the series today. It continues Monday, along with the series on the Ten Commandments here at aintsobad. God being my help, I will see you then.

8 thoughts on “2040 AD: The End of Life on Earth as We Know It. What You Ought to Worry About Until Then”

  1. Dear Rick,
    I intend to be around then being the overweight bald Baptist preacher that I am. I expect you will as well. Look what has happened over the last three decades and then think of the next three. Pray for the rapture!

  2. Does ‘the end of life as we know it’ portend the immediate return of Christ? Or could it be rather that we will be wearing our great grandparents spectacles and expecting the soon to come rapture?

  3. The end of life as I knew it happened the moment I held my baby boy in my arms. Oh boy, did it ever end!
    However, there was something new in it’s place, a “new life” if you will. It has be, and will continue to be, fraught with trouble. However, I’ve found such great overflowing joy, that they trouble seems minimal.
    P.s. I’m still working on my eschatological view. I can’t with any sincerity apply any particular term to my beliefs yet.

  4. As a simpleton let me add this nugget. I am a pro-trib guy, whatever God does at the end is His decision and He won’t ask my opinion and so far His decisions have been for my best every time without the use of my vast knowledge so the end is for Him to decide and my place in it.
    Now I do not think the end is near, rather I think there is no time like the present to be busy in the work of salvation. I see sin abounding therefore Grace all the more is ready for a breakthrough. Matthew 9:38

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