A Chains of Grace Thanksgiving

Please visit our website at www.chainsofgrace.org. Yes, there are the inevitable places there to donate, but you can also find out about our ministry and all the ways you can help.

What I want to do today is offer some very American Thanksgiving Holiday Thanks to God, to our Board, to our sister ministry Haven of Rest, as well as to all our donors.

One year ago we had all of three regular donors, no sporadic donors, eight beds in one mobile home and small prospects of moving forward. One year later we have all of eight regular donors, more then thirty who often give something AND we have access to 91 BEDS at five sites, with more to come.

We have seen six individuals come to Christ and go through baptism. We have seen exactly Zero persons involved in our program go back to prison this year.

We have helped more than a dozen men and women retrieve essential documents. All our folks who can work are working at good paying jobs. We have fed, well, I don’t know how many tons of groceries we have made available to our folks, but, believe me, none of our folks lost weight. And, yes, we have clothed those who needed clothing, made sure they get all the medicines they need, transported them hundreds of miles cumulatively to get to their parole meetings, therapy sessions and work.

We got to see God put some families back together. I will not mention names, but one of our fellows talked to his son for the first time in ten years.

We watched a number of our fellows have monitors removed and “get off of paper.” To “get off paper” means to finish one’s parole.

We saw one of our guys get completely exonerated, his record expunged and an apology received from the state in the form of refunded fees.

We opened a Ladies’ House in Ft Worth, forming  strong relationship with authorities in Tarrant County. Numerous vulnerable women have been protected from life on the streets through the work of our Ladies’ Home.


Please let me state the obvious for those who are still reading. As a taxpayer, it is better for you to have us supervising and serving these persons to help them re-enter society as working citizens rather than sitting in a cell. Human potential is being unlocked.

Our guys and girls are not perfect. They make mistakes, as do those of us who work with them. We are working hard to make a difference in their lives.

Thanks be to God.


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