A Christmas Gift for Your Child/Mate/Grandchild for 2015

Yes, I know it is 2014. Too late for the gift idea I have in mind. But just right in time for next year, if we get there, to Christmas 2015.

Buy a Bible, plain and unadorned. Inscribe your loved one’s name in it. Write in the margins all year as you read through the Bible. Get one with big margins and blank pages, a Study Bible, if you will. Write in it all year. Then give it to the intended love one next year. All their lives, then, they will have something just of you.

I long ago gave all of mine their Bibles. I work on journals now. I am done with one for each of our children and the three oldest grandchildren. I am working now on three journals, wordy grandpa that I am, one for each of the next grandchildren. Then, I have to have one for our youngest, one for Joan, one for all the kids to whom our kids are married. I will be writing for some time to come, so I will have to live a bit longer than predicted.

I took time a few years ago to write a journal for a young friend to whom the journal idea resonated. It is in the hands of my young friend, who remains my friend, and will be for life.

So, go get a Bible, or, if you are more wordy, a journal. Give your loved one a gift that takes a year to make and a ton of work to complete.

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