A Clarification: We Do Not Take Advantage of the Disadvantaged

In this space we have mentioned our efforts to find Felon Friendly Employers. We sponsor Job Fairs twice a year. We take our men and women to interviews. We help them with resumes, interview skills and good clothing for their interviews.

We do expect our residents to work. They do pay fees to counselors, parole officers, group leaders. None of this money comes to us.

We accept small fees to help provide housing. We help our folks with food, document retrieval and medical helps. There is no way they can live on their own for what we accept in fees. We are not landlords and they are not tenants.

So, no, we do not take their WIC cards, from them, or their SS payments. We do not take their salaries. They work to get themselves caught up in child support, where applicable, and other debts.

I am seeing more and more places where the residents must surrender their medical cards, WIC cards, SS and Disability payments and are still expected to work and pay most of what they make to the owners. Some places advertise they will allow the residents to work for their upkeep on farms or in nurseries or some other physical labor. This is tantamount to indentured servitude. We will not endorse such behavior. Their residents will never be able to leave the land where they have to work for their keepers.

We regard this as taking advantage of the disadvantaged. This is not our way.

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