A Death Ethic

Mass shootings in four American cities last week have us performing the usual rites of our society after these all too frequent occurrences. Announce our sadness and add our prayers for the survivors, blame the guns and the gun owners, spill vitriol on the political party we do not support and hug our loved ones a little tighter.

One major Texas newspaper labeled its Op-Ed piece this morning, We Must Put a Stop to White Supremacist Terrorism. Then, the writers ignored this sensationalist topic in the article under the heading. I would call this craven cowardice, which it is, but the writers got me to look at their article and this is all they really want. Truth be damned.

In fact, one of the four mass shootings last week was allegedly performed by a White who wanted to push back against invasion at our southern border. The mass shooting in Dayton was allegedly perpetrated by a Satanist. The one in Chicago was gang related. The one in Detroit was gang related. Apparently, mass shootings inspired by Satanism or gangs do not need stopping; just the one some people can blame on our President.

Nor does the article waste much time on personal or familial responsibility. The government needs to tone down the rhetoric and take away the guns. There is no promise this will make things better. The tenor of the work is someone just has to do something and very soon.

I have to admit I have no confidence in government or media to do anything helpful on our violence besotted society. Anyone who believes the media barons (and baronesses) will exert some moral influence on our society has not paid attention to the exposure of the media darlings as sex abusers and criminals. No one in popular media should be squeaking aloud to tell anyone else how to live.

Our politicians are, well, no better. On the Socialist Democrat side, we have a string of long time politicians who have sat in office for decades (Warren, Biden, Sanders, Harris, Booker, et al) without accomplishing the slightest thing in relation to guns, violence, health care, immigration or pretty much anything else that really matters to you.

In the next few days, I intend to suggest a solution to gun violence. I know, one side wants us to build a wall, though that will not take care of the violence already present. One side wants us to open the borders, entice millions to come her for Free Everything and take away the guns from everyone; this seems ludicrous to me.

I suggest Christians start to make converts again. I do not mean the way we have done it for the last thirty years with the advent of the mega-churches. We know these things about our culture in the era of the mega-church: church attendance is dwindling, neighborhood churches have the life drained from them. Whatever we are doing now is not working, as anyone with eyes can see. It is enough to make a prophet weep.

Over the next few days, I will suggest how to turn this mess around. I expect to be interrupted by a mass shooting in the while. Still, we have to do something. Hollywood is too rottenly decadent. Washington is horrendously slothful. The super large church movement is too much like the culture.

We have to find a way. through this together. I suggest we start to make real converts again.

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