A lovely morning

One of my sons called me out of sports retirement to help with his seven year old daughter’s softball team as his Assistant Coach. The result has been chaos and hilarity.

Most of our children have not played softball. We took a few minutes after today’s practice to talk about child safety measures. My work over sensitizes me to child safety. I literally cannot bear it when a small child goes off by herself after a practice or game.

I live in mortal dread a child will get in the wrong car with the wrong person. We have never had an incident at our park with any of our teams. I do not want to be the first.

So, a few guidelines:

  1. Your team needs a check-in and check-out protocol.
  2. Your team needs a person designated to help a child get to and from the restroom area if a parent is not available.
  3. No child needs to leave the dugout without an adult presence.
  4. If the usual person is not going to pick up the child after game or practice, we need to know the designated individual.

Our goal is to see the child safely with a parent or designated guardian after each game or practice.

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