A Reason to Vote for Mr. Trump

As the Democrat Party meets this week around the nation I find myself in the odd position of needing to post various reasons to vote for Mr. Trump. This is odd for me, since I do not care for his language or his tweeting most of the time. Please do not think I have suddenly lowered my standards on either matter.

I have more than one reason to vote for Mr. Trump this time, none of them personal. I do think he has grown in the job and I have long felt apprehension about his opponent, Mr. Biden.

If you need a reason to vote for Mr. Trump beyond your disdain for Mr. Biden, let me offer one. I think many will agree with me.

Mr. Trump has not spilled American blood or treasure starting any unresolvable conflicts around the world. We are in fewer armed conflicts, not more, since Mr. Trump took office.

Yes, I know the global media make Mr. Trump out to be a war mongering hater, but he has lessened our military commitments around the world. At the same time he has required our supposed allies to pay something for their own defense. I salute Mr. Trump for his stance.

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