A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet

Years ago, I was pastor of the most wonderful church I ever knew. God used the local church to do some wonderful works.

If I were the Senior Preaching Minister of any local organization now, there would be dilemmas to face. We could make it all work if only we would work at it all together.

Here is my advice for a local church, any church, undergoing identity issues. Do these things:

  1. Worship God. Adore God. Honor God.
  2. Love your church unconditionally. By love the church, I mean its people.
  3. Support your pastor. Your pastor is there for a reason. The pastor’s job is more difficult all the time. Support your pastor.

Beloved, do not just invite people to your meeting house. Help people come to Jesus as Savior and help people love Jesus as you love Jesus. If we do this, the name on the shingle will not matter much. If we don’t help people come to Jesus, the name on the shingle still won’t matter much.

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