A Writing Assignment and Bio Request Have Come My Way

Most of my readers will know I am currently not fully employed, though I continue to work seven days a week at about eight hours per day. Joan and I have joined the Freedom Community Church in Midlothian, where I am part-time, unpaid Outreach Minister. I must say it is wonderful to be on staff at a place where the leadership all participates in giving financially to the church. I have found that usually the people who gripe the most give the least so I am glad to find no gossiping in this small church, just a lot of giving and ministry.


The people of Freedom Community Church welcome all who come to their congregation. They do not run people out as fast as the staff can get them in and then complain about the size of the church. The folks pull up on Sunday and Wednesday with vans full of people they invite to church. I am so proud of them. This is undoubtedly why this church baptizes so many unusual people.

And they baptize a lot for a church twice their size. I am so proud of them.

Meanwhile, I am sifting through offers. Right now I have a writing assignment and a bio request to get ready. This is taking a lot of time and energy from my blogging but, what are you going to do? I am trying to be a good grandfather of five and they keep me running. I give myself about a C- as a husband but I am trying. I get up with Joan every workday and make her lunch and two snacks to take with her, since she still works. I call softball games most nights and weekends. This pays for gas and Starbucks expenses.

So, there is much to do and a lot to keep me happy. I am very happy with our family. I am grateful to God for all God’s good work. I do not face Sundays with a knot in my stomach now, or any other day of the week. I am around Christians who act like it, who give joy to God, who do not understand the present as a dilemma and fear the future as a coming catastrophe to give themselves some authority.

And, excitingly, suddenly, we have two more grandchildren on the way, one in September and one in November, by the grace of God. We are so thrilled. Yes, this will be seven grandchildren in all. I am trying to be a better grandpa. And I love them all the same.

So, I will write some more soon. But, right now it is the writing assignment I have and the bio request, which is to be put together more with academics in mind. Who knows?


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