Acts 16:1-12-“The Macedonian Call”-Sunday Evening Sermon, October 26, 2008

   We have heard the Macedonian Call today. Jesus saves. Jesus saves.

   This according to the now familiar hymn.

   One would think a call is a terribly difficult thing to discern. There are some things we can settle with an understanding of what we are going to be doing when the call comes.

   For instance, we can be doing what we know of God's will when the call comes to let us know just where or just how to do the will of God. We do not need to be praying about whether or not God wants us to pray, or study Scripture, or attend worship with other believers, or give of our abundance or tell the story. These things are givens. Every believer ought to be involved in these actions.

    My personal trainer told me to drink a gallon of water per day.

   I blinked and asked, "For how many days."

   She replied, "Every day from now on."

   Every day from now on is how long we ought to be doing the five activities listed above. it is amazing how often God calls those who are already busy for God. 

   We can be ready to go to places where God is at work but we may not be the most likely workers. Paul and his band are Jews. Even Timothy has taken the Jewish male sign on his body. There is not much similarity between Paul, his band, and the Macedonian Greeks. In fact, the Macedonian Greeks are not much similar to other Greeks of that day. They are just open to the gospel. God is at work with them.

   The greatest gap in our culture is not Jew vs. Macedonian Greek. It is the giant chasm between generations; one tired, one wired. What can  we do to quell the sea of white caps in our churches?

   Well, we can work to get the wired generation in our church. This will involve some serious technology use but, more than that, it will require community building. The most serious problems/needs in our town are health care, joblessness and loneliness. A community organization or religious body not trying to meet those essential needs is probably not trying to see.

   My trainer told me, "Keep a record of everything you eat. I want to make some nutritional suggestions."

   I kept a record of everything I ate. I was even honest with the junk food.

   "You are not eating right," she said. "You don't seem to eat at all until you get overwhelmed with hunger and then you eat whatever you can get. Plan what you eat to get the best result."

   I'll tell you, putting my eating habits down on paper was embarrassing and it was revealing. It made me actually see and say what I was doing, so I could see and say what I needed to do.

   Look around you to see what the needs are that God calls you to meet. It is unlikely God will lead you to a place where there will be little or no response or keep you there. You may just end up in an unlikely place.

   Finally, you can do any or all these three things.

  • Avante-guard ministries notwithstanding, if you can get people in your local congregation, you can probably help them. Try to get people into your church but really into it.
  • Get people into your sphere of influence. The two kids who can now balance their checkbook are not church members. They are just in my sphere of influence.
  • Get people into your acquaintance, if not in your sphere of influence or in your church. Let them know who you are, perform acts of kindness and you may plant a seed that will someday grow into a flower of faith.

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