Acts Sermons at Aintsobad and Pastors Pal

To read any of these messages, simply place your cursor on the one you want and click. You will see the message on screen shortly. The messages are in (mostly) sequential order by text, from Acts 1:1-18:1f. Others will follow. I just have not written them yet.

I am presenting these messages on Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings at 6pm in the sanctuary of the Brock Baptist Church, 105 Lazy Bend Road (until we move to our new building or Jesus comes again) in Brock, Texas.

Acts sermons:


Between Sermons

Public Endorsement

The Last Days: Acts 2

The Explanation: Acts 2:32f

Baptism: Why Bother?

Know What To Say: Acts Two

Put Sensual Needs in Their Place

In Favor of Emotional Preaching

Father's Day 2008

Only Him

Only Him, Continued

To Preach on Social Issues

Sermon Brief: Not a Brief Sermon

Bountiful God, Beautiful Woman

Be Healed-Acts 5:12-42

The Church as Atavistic Reliquary


Stephen Says-Acts 7:1-19

Stephen Says: Moses is a Prophet-Acts 7:20f

Stephen Says: This is the Last Straw

They Plugged Their Ears-Acts 7:54

Informed Consent: Acts 8:1-3

The Peril of Parlous Preching: Acts 8:4f

Chosen One-Acts 8

Apostle In a To-Go-Bag

You Don't Have to Stay Dead-Acts 9

Barnabas-Acts 9

And All His House

Churches That Grow and the People Who Stop Them-Acts 10

Before You Go to Sleep-Acts 10:9-22

Experiencing God-Acts 11

Give It Up-Acts 11:19f

Great Deliverance-Acts 12:1f

Time To Settle Accounts: Acts 12:20-25

Cut 'Em Out-Acts 13:1-5

Devil's Spawn-Acts 13:6f

I Urge You-Acts 13

I Urge You (Continued)

Appointed to Eternal LIfe-Acts 13:44-50

Jealousy Stirs Up Anger-Acts 14:1f

Powerful Persuasion-Acts 14:6f

Jesus Plus Anything Equals Nothing More-Acts 15:1f

What I Tell Them and Why We Can't Get Along-Acts 15:21-41

One Way to God Through the Power of Jesus, the Christ-Acts15:12-21

The Macedonian Call-Acts 16:1-12

Lovely Lady Lydia-Acts 16:13f

The Incident at Phillipi-Acts 16

A World Turned Upside Down: Acts 17:1f

A World Where People Here-Acts 17:9f

Mars Hill-Acts 17:16-34

Acts 17:16ff: Mars Hill

Mars Hill-Continued

Paul, Acquilla and Priscilla-Acts 18:1f

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