Advent: In an Age of Uncertainty…(December 14, 2008)

…there are those things about which I believe. To believe is to find reliably trustworthy. The next time someone asks you why you believe in Jesus as the Christ, tell them it is because you find Him reliably trustworthy.

 This week four kids asked me for help with their crossword puzzles in an eating place I frequent in our little town. They were stuck, on the easy one, while I poked around a few minutes on the NYT crossword, looking for the theme.

   They noticed. They told me they were stuck. They gathered around while I corrected an error or two and finished their puzzle with them.

   I promote education.

   This week, a young couple continued and two other young couples began, their marital training with me. I don't do counseling. That is for counselors. I do pastoral training; mentoring one might call it.  Four hours were used up this week in training young couples who plan on marriage soon. Two of them are former members of the Starbucks Church. Two others are their friends, referred to me by them.

   This week a young uniformed gentleman reached out to me by phone repeatedly. We met over coffee. He is a friend of my heart. Three or four hours were used this way. He, too, has sensed betrayal from people he loved and trusted. We are on a joint path to recovery.

   I speak here by permission. My trainer says she wishes she had taken a "Before" picture of me, for which, alas, I would not have posed. My body has changed and I have made dozens of new acquaintances in the last two months of training with her. She is a delight.

   If our life is a ministry and the tracks of our ministry are the tears we shed, to roll off our cheeks in a stream of life, nourishing the dry sand at our feet, we have only to stand long enough in one spot to see the dead ground spring.

   I have wept enough for one week.

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  1. Rick,
    I regret that we live so far apart. I would love to have coffee with you from time to time. Since we cannot, I drink my second cup of the morning in your honor!

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