Advent: The Age of Uncertainty…(December 2, 2008)

…is reflected in our various faith systems. Among these are science, psychology and theology. We love them, we who do, because we so desperately desire to know someone who knows. That is, we urgently seek someone who might roll back the clouds and show the heavens, for Modern man believes he is as far inside himself as he dares go.

   Man has been that way. He does not so much care to go again.

   So, he asks the scientist to verify for him and the psychologist to feel for him. He wants them to know and let him know. He wants them to understand him so that he can someday forgive himself or, rather, move past the point where forgiveness is even his need.

   Science and psychology are cults, as faith systems are always cults. Psychologists are Freudian or Jungian, or some splinter off the Jungian tree. Scientists are Darwinian or Dawkinsian or some other branch of the learning tree. The cult is the child of the charismatic father and the seductive mother.

   Christian theology is the illegitimate child at this family picnic. He is narrow, lacking in panache and insufferably seen as insufferable. His two womb-mates better him at every turn.

   Science and psychology and other faith systems, being human, miss the point of Christian theology and so consider it unequivocally arrogant. In fact, Christian theology is not arrogant but exclusivist.

   We believe that Jesus, the Christ, leads a way, the path to which is wide enough to permit one strong man to walk as others follow but too very narrow to permit two men to walk side by side. His leadership costs Him His earthly life but in His sacrificial death, He is wounded and killed as a healer and so is seen to be the perfect, divine physician. He can first do no harm but he can do so much more.

   He is neither maudlin nor sentimental. In fact, He is the most caustically outspoken of the three. He knows the hearts and minds of men and is the agent of Creation, not needing that any man speak to Him of other men's natures nor of nature itself. In a prescientific age, He presupposes racism and sexism and courageously moves beyond them, taking such of His culture as will follow with Him.

   He not only knows but knows us. He does not cause the human fate but shares it on behalf of humans. He is human in His incarnation but He is both real and personal before He is human.

   He knows. He cares. He comes. He dies. He rises from the dead.

   Really, He is quite remarkable.


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