Ahiuzote: A Startlingly Clear Look at Eternal Life

   The real change in world conditions came in 2236 C.E., when incontrovertible evidence of spiritual immortality was revealed. Naturally, the times being what they were then, the discovery was made by a blond Mexican native, the warrior-priest Ahiuzote.

   Ahiuzote was the twin brother of the warrior-governor Xocoyotzin. Xocoyotzin emerged from the womb first, with Ahiuzote clinging tenaciously to his heel. The hand to heel connection was considered an omen of bad luck for the older and early death for the younger, at least according to the Mexic people. Nahua, the father of the twins, determined he would sacrifice everything to remove the curse from his sons.

   Nahua left his unfortunate wife as soon as the umbilical cord was cut. He wrapped Xocoyotzin in red and Ahuizote in black to confuse the Fates. Nahua took the two boys deep into the bowels of the Great City of the Mountains, lodged between the high peaks that held the outbreaths of four million citizens in place. He set one boy in a corner under the Sign of the Moon, the other under the Sign of the Sun. He desperately set himself to protecting them. He also set himself to forget which son was the holder and which one the heel.

   “If their mother cannot find them,” he wrote in his journal, “the Fates cannot find them.”

   “If I cannot remember the name of either child,” he continued, “no ill luck can come calling their name.”

   Nahua, an educated man, took the lowest job he could find. He made just enough money to keep a roof over their heads and feed the boys a simple diet of corn and flour tortillas. He himself drank only black coffee and ate only crusts of bread.

   Nahua never took another wife. He led an impoverished life, far from the upper scale neighborhood where he had grown to manhood.

   “No god, no imp, no demon,” he noted in his journal, “would begrudge us this life.”

   He was right in his reasoning. He was very, very wrong in his conclusion.

Author’s Note: I should have warned new readers at aintsobad. I am returning to fiction writing here for awhile. No, I do not know how long. I had some thoughts on a renewed memoir but I am not staying there. I am going to write, in fiction form, some of my thoughts on muscular unbelief, Christianity and eternal life (spiritual immortality). Sermon helps will still be over at pastor’s pal.

  I do not know how long this story will take to tell. It is, after all, about eternal life.

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