Ahuizote: A Startlingly Clear Look at Eternal Life

   Ahuizote, because he lived most of his early life in a socially immature state, worshipped a god who had never walked the earth. Xocoyotzin, because he lived most of his early life with Ahuizote, envisioned a kind of government never before seen among men.

   Understand that all government of men has some characteristics of all other government. Democratic, totalitarian, utopian; no matter, taxes must be collected, laws enacted, services rendered, rebellion suppressed. Men lose trust in government when they lose hope for the generation after the next; the one where they, having gained power to influence events, lose that personal power. As their own life force ebbs, men want to see an institution promise their children’s children a good life.

   The least serf learns how to hide some extra seed, the way the citizen of republic learns to manipulate his taxes on the standard form. There is a cache somewhere in every wall.

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