…hit cyberspace six years ago as a tiny, experimental advance in ministry. There was this new "world wide web," very new to me. The language was foreign, the technology was daunting. I was a stranger in a strange land.

   The first forays were tentative to an embarrassing degree. I was writing thought or content articles like one would find in a specialized journal. Needless to say, readership did not sky rocket.

   I am not much better with the technology, though I am considered an advanced user because I have a typespot with typelists and get up to it fairly often. I can send and receive emails. I can even "chat" with people around the world and enjoy doing so.

   It took five years for aintsobad to get its first 100,000 hits. Long weeks went by sometimes without an entry. In just less than a year, this typespot has exceeded 220,000 hits and continues to climb, though my writer’s fatigue is now starting to show pretty badly. A writer always needs his muse. Caliope, Erato and their sisters have flown. Who knows if they will return?

   Meanwhile, I prepare for a new era in my life, the (quite possibly) final productive decade of my earthly sojourn. I think of Old Ben Franklin who wrote about how much his thoughts, in what he held to be middle age, had turned to his own comforts. I fight that each day, disciplining soul, mind and body with work, study and workouts. I have few fears left and retain some hopes. Criticism that might have wilted me in the past proves less devastating now.

   I have met my share of fakes and flakes. I care not to be numbered among them. Like the television huckster who urges his hearers to send money to God but then gives out his own address, the church seems fraught with the peril of greed. I cannot offer much insight on how to avoid the natural human lust for power even if the object of power is itself quite pitiful.

   There are things left to do. I intend to find a place of usefulness.

2 thoughts on “Aintsobad…”

  1. Yes, things still to do. Places of usefulness. Obedience to be followed and mirrored. Regardless of the season in life, there is still much to be about.
    Be Well,

  2. Rick,
    Your BLOG has turned into something that is nothing short of amazing, spectacular, and incredibly beneficial in a myriad of ways. I am convinced it has actually become a very relevant and well known part of Baptist life. I am sure the folks at some of the state Baptist Papers would hate to know that your BLOG (and a few others) have a greater impact on Baptist society than the State Papers! Sure, many will disagree with me on that, but listen to this story…
    Not that many years ago, I pastored a church that used the outside cover of our beloved Baptist Standard for its weekly newsletter. In that particular town, we also had to actually drive to the Post Office to get our mail. So, on the day that our church newsletter – Baptist Standard would arrive at the Post Office, I would make sure I went there a few times that day to do some ‘Research.’ What I found was that the trash can in the mail pick up-area was always full of the majority of the Newsletters / Standards!! (Of course, this did not say much for our church newsletter either!)
    I asked people from time to time what the deal was, and most of them told me that they either: 1) Read the church newsletter section only while standing in the USPS, and then tossed it, or 2) Did not read any of it and tossed it asap.
    However, in both cases, they replied to me they did not read the B. Standard newspaper part much at all. I am not passing any judgment here, as I personally like the B. Standard a lot. I am just telling you what I know.
    * Sure, there is a big difference in a periodical paper and a daily BLOG, but the point I am seeking to make here simply involves relevancy, general interest, and reason to read.
    Bottom Line: A host of people read your BLOG, and you are getting a multitude of Baptist views out there in a variety of ways. So, “Atta Boy” Rick… keep up the good work.
    ** Here’s to another couple of hundred-thousand “HITS” in 2008 alone!!

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