Aintsobad blog message makes the New York Times

   If you go hurriedly to this address, Look really hard, you will find a link to aintsobad’s Resurrection message on the politics page under "around the web." This is a first for aintsobad. I am pretty happy about it since I left a pretty plain evangelical Christian message.

   This comes a day after I was told a church in Ellis County is using my web cast sermons for Bible Study material in their fellowship. Touch the web, touch the world, touch a life.

   Anyway, for whatever reason, God continues to use this little ministry that can.

3 thoughts on “Aintsobad blog message makes the New York Times”

  1. Rick — WOW! Although I am not surprised that others would be helped by your written and spoken message(s), I am proud of you in these two recent examples of others being drwan to your words.
    I think it is an honor any time a person seeks to use your work to inspire, educate, or help them in some way, but to have your message(s) used in such a massive, widespread, and visible means is awesome indeed.
    So, let be the fist via this post to say, “Atta-Boy Rick,” you ‘done good!’ (This last statement is bad grammer I know, but good theology! LOL.)
    BLT, Texas Coast SCUBA Man

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