Aintsobad is Back

  A couple of weeks ago, I remodeled and moved my main site to a new post-site off of aintsobad, called Renovation. Confusion reigned.

   So, today, December 7, 2010, a day that will live forever in probably not much, I am moving my main site back to aintsobad. "Deeper" theological thought will take over at Renovation. You can tell it is deeper, because I number the entries.

   The first entry over at Renovationn is Religion: Can We Know God (31)-Vampires, Zombies and UFO's. So you can see how deeply theological this work will be.


Opionions here are mine alone.

3 thoughts on “Aintsobad is Back”

  1. Rick,
    Your story about “the ball will find you,” was great. I am sure to use that sometime. For those of us who are not as knowledgeable about officiating would you take a moment and elaborate just how the ball finds us? I think I know, but I want your take on it. That is a great modern parable.
    Dan Wooldridge

  2. DW,
    Perhaps it has something to do with the smell of fear and the olfactory and telekinetic/psyco-suggestive senses of the ball,…or fate,…or a Divine Sense Humor, I am sure.

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