Aintsobad. Now, a reference Library.

  When aintsobad first appeared, six years ago, I said I wanted to write for myself, apart from editors, publishers, et al, to clarify my thoughts and to explain things to me. I became a classical journalist, as a result, publishing my various thoughts on literature, religion, humor, even sports back then.

I guess this blog site is now a reference library for Christian apologetics, metaphysics historical and  the like. It still gets a lot of hits but nothing like when I wrote on local convention politics.

   I am pretty much done with that stuff. Really, I cannot tell the difference between one administration and another, except the price tags, and they are all too high.

   If you want other thoughts, I am up almost daily at pastorspal, which, itself, will probably get a new name soon. I am probably going to put a third one back up soon, for thoughts of a more specifically doctrinal, dogmatic Christian type, since aintsobad has turned out to be more metaphysical epistemology than dogma.

   Of course, my dogmatic background cannot be far away, because, regardless of all my personal shortcomings, I am a true believer, in that I believe there is Truth to be gotten.

Opinions expressed here are mine alone.

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