Aintsobad Replies to Arch-Anarchist Todd Littleton, the Embodiment of Evil in Our World, Who Will Not Vote and Thinks You Should Not Vote, Either

   Like my singing, my political arguments often sound better in the shower. Soap will not make this one stronger outside the privacy of my daily ablutions but the bearer may smell better. The 2012 US Presidential Election needs a lot of soap and could use some steam, as well.

   First, let's talk about why we will not vote for this or that candidate, before we decide we will not vote at all. My nemesis, the Evil Todd Littleton, argues against voting this year, but he lives in Oklahoma and they get their news very slowly, if at all.

   I will not vote for Mitt Romney to be pastor of my church, or any other. I do not like his Mormonism, do not consider Mormonism to be other than a cult and do not (favorably) compare Mr. Romney's LDS leanings to John Kennedy's Catholocism. I do note Mr. Romney has not yet had his Houston Minister's Meeting Moment, ala John Kennedy, wherein Mr. Kennedy declared no foreign religious dignitary (the Pope) would dictate or influence American policy, foreign or domestic.

   For the record, I do not believe Mr. Romney was pre-existent with god, or that Mr. Romney has co-equal standing with Jesus, the Christ, as Mormonism teaches. I do not believe Mr. Romney will one day be god over his own planet, no matter how much money he makes here on our planet.

   I will vote in November. Actually, I will vote in early voting in Texas, sometime in October, following the dictum of Cook County, Illinois, as in "Vote early and vote often."

   My arch-rival, the anarchistTodd Littleton, argues it might be the Christian duty of all true believers to stay home in November, since one is not allowed the option of "Neither" in the US Presidential race. He is sincere in his opposition to the sorry American political scene in general and to the two "candidates" in particular. His deep regret is this; in good conscience, he may not be able to exercise the franchise at all in 2012.

   Though it galls me to use the words "correct in theory and perhaps in practice" next to the name "Todd Littleton," I am forced by facts to say the two men running for our highest office are the electoral equivalent of Oklahoma Sooner football without Bob Stoopes. The team colors might be the same but the helmets fit wrong.

   I would not vote for President Obama to take a principled stand on finances. Mr. Obama inherited a mess from the former Texas Governor, Mr. Bush II. A global financial bubble burst during Mr. Bush's second term. Apparently, he became aware of it after a time and responded like a good, old fashioned Democrat. His stimulus did not stimulate. Repeated stimuli since then have only deepened the hole of debt. Mr. Obama has spent his time defending business as usual, instead of reform, to the deep disappointment of all who saw a historic opportunity for real change. 

   Meantime, Mr. Obama's incorrigible curmudgeon running mate decided he liked same-sex unions. Shortly thereafter, he also uncovered a secret Republican plan to reinstitute slavery.

   No, really.

   Aintsobad freely admits Mr. Obama came into office with more problems than one four year term could solve. His inability, or unwillingness, to effect fundamental change makes me less than sanguine about a possible second term.

   And, then, there is Mr. Romney. Mr. Romney early announced he was pro-choice but said he could change his mind. He instituted Romney-Care while governor of Blue State Massachusetts and urged Mr. Obama to make it the law of the land in a long op-ed piece in USA Today. Mr. Romney denied doing so. At a Tea Party convention this year, he referred to himself as "severely conservative," with the expression on his face of a man hoping no one looks behind the curtain in the Oz Palace.

   Sarah Palin, who was not invited to the RNC this year, stood at the same dais a day later and declined to endorse Mr. Romney as a conservative of any kind, severe, serendipitous or saturnine. The crowd roared.

   So, our choices are not great. Neither man inspires confidence or enthusiasm.

   What this illustrates is the depth to which American politics has divided, conquered itself and then descended to the Stygian depths. No one says, "I vote for the party, not the man," anymore, because we mostly cannot tell the difference between the parties.

   Tonight in his acceptance speech, Mr. Romney will  be expected to show us his Inner Romney. He will be expected to connect with a panting American populace desperate to know he, Mr. Romney, gets them. 

   I am sorry, my friends, but a super nova in Versailles could not produce enough smoke and mirrors to make Mitt Romney seem like a normal guy. He was born half way between home and third, much closer to home than Bush II. He got two degrees from an Ivy and practiced what Rick Perry called "Vulture Capitalism" from an Ivory Tower in Manhattan. He has so much money the American mainland will not quite contain it. Mitt Romney makes money faster than Donnie Trump and pays less taxes than Mother Teresa.

   Not a normal guy.

   And, then, there is President Obama, God bless and keep him. Mr. Obama was born somewhere between Oahu and Nairobi. I am not sure it matters. Kenya has about as many electoral votes as Hawaii.

   President Obama had a chance to remake the American system of finance, such that no one could ever get so big again the American tax payer had to digest their huge errors in judgement. He blinked. The American tax-payer will be paying for that a long time. 

   In foreign policy, Mr. Obama surged, then withdrew, chastised Israel,emboldened the Arab Spring and stood idly by while Christians in the Middle East were impoverished and murdered. He gave the order to kill a Mr. Bin Laden, hidden for a decade by our good friend on the sub-continent, Pakistan, where we continue to pour good money after bad in order to "stabilize the region," while Iran works feverishly to enrich uranium, for peaceful purposes, like a new Holocaust, there having never been a first one, according to the Iranian president.

   In other words, and I have a lot of them, neither major candidate makes my socks roll up and down. I will never like President Obama's timidity when faced by major opportunity or Mr. Romney's Centrist (aka-socialist) tendencies. Each man's record wearies me and the state of our nation frightens me.

   Where in the name of Ronnie Reagan is a jelly bean eater who understands our dilemma? 

   Well, there is aintsobad, but that's about it.

   So, aintsobad understands why Arch-Anarchist, the Evil Todd Littleton, can make an argument for the American electorate not to elect. Tomorrow, I will tell you how it got this way, starting in 1976 and continuing to this day. Then, on Monday or so, God willing, aintsobad will tell you why we have to vote to change this mess of our own making.



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