Aintsobad to be given over to evangelism blogging next week: Ken Coffee

   Ken Coffee of the strong coffee blog issued a challenge to Texas baptist bloggers today. He asked we give over a week of blogging to the Texas Hope 2010 emphasis on reaching every home in Texas with the gospel story by Resurrection Sunday, 2010. I am going to accept that challenge with conditions.

   I refuse to flack for any group any more at this point in my life. I am very committed to the Free Church tradition, though not so much committed to the various outdated, outmoded, overly expensive expressions of the Free Church organization, as you know from reading this blog.

   Therefore, I will spend the seven daily blogs, God being my help, from June 1 to June 7, expressing thoughts on evangelism in the Free Church Tradition. If Texas Hope 2010 is brought to my mind by our Lord, I will give that effort a positive mention, though I believe there is much more to evangelism than the occasional all out effort, usually involving product placement and neglecting the example of the Christ in evangelism. Perhaps Jesus would have mailed a video if he could have made videos or had the mails. I doubt it.

   What I will not do in the seven blogs I propose is pick at anyone's program of evangelism or promote one over the other. For a week, aintsobad will behave as though the intentions of every group I might mention is well-intentioned, pure as the driven snow.  I will not ask you to send money to any of them. Give God's tithe to the local congregation and give offerings above the tithe in the same place. Make good decisions about partners beyond the local congregation and review those partnerships often. Conformity is acceptable only in assigned seating. Don't do anything repeatedly just out of habit and always hold your partners accountable for good behavior.

    That said, starting Monday, June 1 and running through Sunday, June 7, 2009, aintsobad will give thoughts on evangelism and what it means to reach the homes of Texans with good news.

4 thoughts on “Aintsobad to be given over to evangelism blogging next week: Ken Coffee”

  1. A humble request . . .
    Rick, take us on a journey on a day in the life of Rick Davis. Show us how you do what you do on a daily basis. That would be a fun post to read.
    And have a great Pentecost Sunday . . . a great time to begin several posts on evangelism.

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