All Politics Are Local

No offence to any elected state or national official, but the only politics that matter are local. Each time I get a chance to vote, I study the stance of the local candidates, first and foremost.

Why? These people are the ones who set my tax rate, pick up the trash and recycles, answer the phone when the coyotes get too close to the house and a thousand other things. I intend to get my money’s worth.

All this to say less than 1,800 people voted in our most recent municipal runoff election. While our local officials cannot say this, let me say it.

What is wrong with the rest of you?

Further disclosure. My Dad held elective office in our county for over two decades. We were expected to behave like the family of a man constantly running for office.

Beloved, it can be a beating.

My father would tell people, “If you don’t vote, you can’t gripe.”

Of course, people who pay ever higher taxes can gripe all they want. Still, I see his point.

So, I get a candidate each time. I publicly endorse them, knock on some doors, make some phone calls, give a little money to them and sit out at the polling place for hours with them.

Why? All politics are local. If you don’t vote, your griping needs to be at a minimum and, if you don’t like what comes out of the local politicians, you are more likely to get a hearing from them.

So I vote, every time. It is not too hard, too hot or too time consuming to vote.

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