Alternative Facts

For once, those of us who find our rest in Christian Theology may have understand the words of a political superstar better than other persons who trade only in data. When Kellyanne Conway said she was going to put forward some “alternative facts,” theologians smiled wistfully.

We were happy to here an Empirical, data driven kind of speaker entertain the notion that nuancing lives in the world today. Kellyanne did not mean she was going to tell some other, lesser truth. She means the truth had not been told, but now she would tell it. Hence, alternative facts are introduced, all of which might combine with previously discussed realities on the way to Real Truth.

Years and years ago, when I was young (I remember it vividly; the Earth’s crust had just cooled) I sat in a room full of neophyte theologians who had come to be instructed by the great Nat Tracy. You should be aware that none of us knew keenly enough that we were neophytes and none of us could have praised our Mentor’s greatness enough. Starter Kit Theologians are often preachers and, sadly, preachers like to hear their own head hum.

One day, one of us (not me; I was a frightened neophyte at the time) asked Dr. Tracy to give us one solid thing we could call our own. Dr. Tracy smiled his beatific smile and answered, “Jesus love me this I know.”

My young friend should have settled with this. He could not.

“No, no, no,” he demanded. “Tell us The Truth.”

Dr. Tracy answered, “I can tell you what I know. I can give you Truth as I understand it.”

“There is only one Truth,” the query bringing fellow roared.

“Yes, there is only one Truth, but there are many interpretations,” Tracy answered. “Beware of the fellow who tells you he has got all the Truth in his interpretation.”

Yes, I remember like it was yesterday. It was not yesterday, but it seems fresh to me.

Kellyanne was not saying she had all Truth. She was offering what she considered facts, that were not facts offered in other media. Please understand, I, too, wish she could just give a straight answer to a straight question, but she talks for a living, and, like preachers, gabs like she is being paid per word.

I cannot fault her here. The people who scare me are those who think they have it all, have it right and have it alone. They need to be introduced to same Alternative Thinking.

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