America, the Very Beautiful

   I grew up in a very small town in the North Central section of the greatest state in the Union, the sacred and holy Texas. My dad was from Iowa, my mom's family moved to Texas from Missouri two generations before she was born. Somewhere back in my maternal parentage was Champ Clark, who lost the Democratic nomination for presidedent to Woodrow Wilson in 1912.

   Champ Clark was a US Senator, an isolationist, a hard money advocate and a lot of other things related to his day and time. He was a thorough-going racist by all accounts.

   Still, the system worked, for as many people as it wanted to work for and that number increased during the 20th century. We were not perfect, even afterward, but I grew up thinking we were the very best nation in the world. And, regardless of who he was, I always knew the POTUS was the best one of us all. I reverenced Mr. Kennedy, adored LBJ, traveled over a hundred miles to cast my first ever presidential vote for Nixon and then voted for him again in 1972.

   There came the disonnect. I had more than a fleeting affection for Reagan, still do, and have never failed to vote in a Presidential election. I have, however, forfeited forever my simple peasant admiration for powerful persons in powerful places.

   And I wish I could have it back. This year, 2012, I will vote again, but I am past admiring either man. I see old clips of Mr. Romney advocating all the social positions I do not follow. He was pro-choice, he was forced taxation, he was all the things it took to get elected in a Blue state. Now he says he was always severely conservative but conservative Red state people needed Paul Ryan to care about Mr. Romney at all.

   And, President Obama, may God bless and keep him safe and his family as well, comes out for same-sex union, will not take on the monied interests and let's Joe Biden…well, whatever that is that Joe Biden does.

   I pray for these leaders. The New Testament I read instructed early Christians to pray for those set before them as leaders, who were usually outright, murderous Roman polygamists. Democrats and Republicans pale in comparison to the malevolence of Augustus, Julius, Nero and the boys.

   I long to admire and love them. I want Paul Ryan to get his dates straight and stop saying the facts do not matter. I want Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to release all the documents they want from Mitt Romney and I want them to stop saying fairness is not essential and evidence is not required if you have good hearsay.

   America is still beautiful. However, we have not lately had a leader I would want to carve on the side of a mountain somewhere.



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3 thoughts on “America, the Very Beautiful”

  1. You said, “I have, however, forfeited forever my simple peasant admiration for powerful persons in powerful places.
    And I wish I could have it back.”
    In the immortal lyric of Bob Seger’s “Against the Wind”…
    “I wish I didn’t know now, what I didn’t know then…”

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