American Response to the Libyan Outrage


   The Arab Spring gave way to a murderous late summer. American diplomats in Libya and Egypt have been attacked in the dutiful conduct of their responsibilities. At least four died.

   Tragically, some are using these murders and common statements of diplomatic conversation for political gain. They have done so without concern for the plight of Americans abroad.

   That said, the American response to the murder of its envoys must be swift and strong. Simple statements of sympathy  to the families of the murdered diplomats will not suffice.

   Islamists have a natural right to their beliefs. If, however, Islam is to be accepted in the 21st century, its own response to extremists groups operating in its aegis must be just as swift and strong. Civilized persons cannot allow barbarian acts in their name.

   If the murder of persons employed by the American government is in response to a poorly made and illl distributed fourteen minute movie trailer, there is no protection for Americans anywhere. Therefore, there can be no defense of the persons who carried out this act.

   America must respond.



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