An Admirable Life-17-Genius

   The admirable life would benefit from genius. If a person cannot be a genius because of personal limitations, he can live with genius. 

   The conditions for a real relationship with genius include but cannot be limited to these: to work together at whatever level on a solid idea, to define this solid idea as one that holds together, possibly to oppose one another's grasp of the idea without rejecting it completely. This is an intellectual relationship, which allows each person to move forward energetically. This is like a contest between strong minds and stronger wills.

   The importance of good ideas cannot be overemphasized. Dull iron dulls all the iron that strikes it. 

   Genius cannot surrender to ancient ideas or give in to intellectual torpor. If you must argue with someone long dead to find your intellectual focus, do not despair. You may rewrite his legacy for a new generation. His ideas will hold together if his is genius, even if he cannot possibly anticipate technological developments. Is he the poorer because he never tweeted?

   Your conflict with genius is the salvation of your mind. You gain energy as you rub against the very things that contradict you.

   If you are to feel needed, you must actually be needed, or your life is a lie. Genius is always necessary. The second rate intellects given to lead lately know neither ethics nor morality. They only know there is not God, only Man condemned to be free. The new freedom for Man is the death of God. Man has no one to answer to personally but himself, so all of us are desperately needed, as well as totally unnecessary. If Man does not have a God to answer to Man is what Kurt Vonnegut decided, "…a virus for which the planet's immune system has no cure…"

   Genius is necessary for an admirable life.


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