An Admirable Life (2)

   Thou Shalt Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your strength.

   Fanaticism is neither religion, nor admirable. Word-Readers,  Logos-Believers, often mistake our passions for God-Love but, in so doing, we misplace the love of God. 

   We search for God because Man is so abundantly full of questions and equally replete with empty answers. In fact, the post-modern trope is to offer no answers at all, and then call vacuity humility. The ancients believed meekness, not emptiness,  begat humility and,  from its reflective sire, humility urged Man to prefer God's will over his own.

   Man, naturally lost, was to be unencumbered from his natural lostness by a new lostness, which was his abandonment to God. Man learned early to hunt and gather for himself, then to break the earth and dam the rivers for his own gain, but all these acts preached his lostness to him. The early hunters danced in animal garb to attract their prey, then spent hours apologizing to the dead animals they ate. Sorrow and love flowed mingled down from hunter to prey but the loving sorrow did not save the prey nor long assuage the hunter's hunger.

   So, the secularists believe, Man invented God to forgive him of those things he could not abide in himself or atone for in the dance. In these claims, the secularist proves the homo religiosus point. All else is a matter of degree.

   The ancient non-Christians (don't be alarmed; there were not any but Man still strove for God; that is the point) thought a great city would come down from the heavens to overawe their cities. Grain would be abundant, as would all foods and soft cloths, and, most importantly, water for gardens to keep out the dust Man might become. There would be thick walls, impenetrable, to guard against night and the darkness Man knew to fear.

   Christianity replaces the Descending City with the Coming Christ. God comes into the world to overawe the ego-centrism of Man. God, in fact, commands surrender of one's own character, a man at a time, and defends the surrendered Man against Dust and Dark from inside to outside. 

   So, no Man ever serves God who does not lose Himself in God. The man who loses himself in God in order to serve God takes great care with the name of God. He, the man, never easily assigns God to his, the man's, own doings. The man knows God is the Great Forgiver. Alas, he also comes to know the one unforgivable sin is to place himself over God, which he may do, transparently, when he cites God, the Prime Mover, in behalf of one man's self-approved acts.

   Simply put, the man who would serve God must not bring God in to be his excuse. God is not as confused as some men make Him.

   In a short time, a committee (yet another; we love to pool our ignorance) will convene to choose an executive director (yet another; the last one fled) for a fading state convention of churches. Is it too much to ask the next one be, demonstrably, a person lost in God? She should be a woman of humility, which we define as a woman with a real preference for the will of God over her own.

   Of course, she cannot be a woman, because we are not there yet. One hundred more churches would leave and that would be the end. So, she, must be a he, with the masculine trait of strength and feminine fire. 

   Allow me to go on speaking as if she can be a she. She must understand humility is a great need but few women seek it. Even fewer praise themselves for its acquisition. (Tolerance is a great virtue, too,  in a crowded world, but few are converted to it). Ego-strength is preferred in leaders, for they must overawe our weakness and so keep us from the fall. She must be better than us, since we brought ourselves to this brink.

   An admirable life includes humility. Give us a truly humble person. 


Opinions expressed here are mine alone. Who else thinks like this? Who else wishes to think like this?



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