An Admirable Life-28-The Cliche

   A cliche is not a myth. A myth is deep truth. The word mythos derives from the Greek verb musteion, which itself means "to close the eyes or mouth." That is, myth is not fanciful untruth, like a cliched truism, but that meaningful human-lore emanating from darkness and silence.

   Myth is what comes when we pray and think. Cliche is what occurs when we speak.

   Religion is cliched in our day. This is true of the Sa'afists (or Salafists), from whom  spring such diverse Islamists as Al-Queda and the Muslim  Brotherhood. It is equally true of the mega-church Christian movements and nationalistic Judaism. 

   Success depends on numbers. Numbers rely on the cliche.

   This should frighten religious people. The cliche war is running against the religious. The Post-Modern Religious Cliche is this: religion is the direct cause of all major wars in human history. 

   Many religious people accept this cliched truth and sigh. Deeper thought would reveal wars are usually the result of envy, ambition, greed and misunderstood rivalries. No one wants to go to war shouting, "I am a greedy fool who wishes to kill his neighbor for gain." So, religion is used to cover atrocity."

   I submit this warning. If religious persons do not find a way to communicate deep truth from the quiet places of the soul, where God most often eloquently dwells with homo sapien, religion will disappear as a civilizing force and homo sapiens will shortly follow.


Opinions expressed here are mine alone but I am right and others should start to take up this cry.

3 thoughts on “An Admirable Life-28-The Cliche”

  1. A commonly-held but false belief, a common misconception; a fictitious or imaginary person or thing which exaggerates or idealizes reality. In our belief in God we should create a deeper faith and not just base on shallow thoughts.

  2. I think it was in CPE where they tried to teach us (something to the effect) that we cannot give what we don’t have. I have tried, rather unsuccessfully at times, to live deep enough to have something to give. I thought of this when I read your final paragraph.

  3. Here, Brad, is the essence of the issue, I guess. The cliched nature of the English modern transla tion makes myth the cliche and so kills them both.
    I applaud your call for deeper thinking and real discovery among religious peoples. The cliched nature of post-modern religiosity is an abomination.
    If you have time, take a look at the post today for elucidation on this matter.

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