An Admirable Life-31-The Revolutionary

   What an odd, utilitarian word is this one, "revolution." Used as description of orbit it invokes the image of a prescribed path. Meaningful deviation from the prescribed path or orbit could bring immense destruction to both the subject and object of the gravitational pull that prescribes this orderly "revolution."

   Taken in another way, the all-purpose word "revolution," conjures the image of chanting crowds in an Egyptian square, a Heavenly Garden in China or a harbor in the American Northeast. Twitter, tanks and tea: these are the principals of revolution, when it is no longer just the mathematically ordered, prescribed path of a smaller orb around a larger, denser entity.

    An admirable life takes up each meaning described above. The Revolutionary Leader knows himself to be a small being, loosely arranged (if tightly wound), who rotates around public opinion, election cycles, wars and rumors of wars. He may be popularly elected or he may sieze power as would any totalitarian, holding it as long as he can. The democrat and the despot still depend on the greater power of the populace to tolerate them. When the nation can no longer stand its leaders, tea goes in a harbor or a man stands in front of a tank. 

   Or, when the populace, long oppressed, finds it can throw off an incompetent tyrant, 140 characters at a time, with mass action (and the world, watchful, notified), the tyrant rants, curses, soothes, begs, falls.

   A revolt is not revolting unless you are the object of the coup.

   What a word, "revolution." From the Old French, it is originally used only to describe the prescribed paths of celestial bodies. In 1750, this little word took on a new meaning, "to change, to turn back." By 1799, "revolution" was familiarly used to describe a "great, drastic change of world affairs."

   Why would the French and their American debtors choose a word once associated only with celestial bodies to describe the act, often violent, of throwing off elitist rule in order to "turn back" the hands of time? What is it the threatened Revolutionaries saw in the stars to made them think of their own earthly lives?

   What is the year Galileo died, as compared to the earliest date his observations became acceptable? Against whom did he "revolt?"

   Imagine. A Revolutionary originally existed to turn back the affairs of men and nations in such a way that power would devolve from "nobility" to the "people," decrying the divine right of monarchs or any other poly-glot martinet to hold power for no other reason than he had it and could keep it.

   A Revolution is a mulligan. A Revolution is a do-over. 

   You constantly call for a Revolution in Texas baptist life. 

   "Oh, if we could just go back to the way it was before."

   "Oh, we just need to get back to doing what we once did."

   "We just need to get back to making the main thing the main thing. Enough with the politics, the warfare, the resurgence that does not surge but only eddies and wastes. We just need to go back to the old days."

   When you issue a call to turn back time and events, you call for a Revolution. Your problem is you call for a Revolution (where you are right) but never select a Revolutionary to be your leader.

   A Revolutionary understands the odd juxtaposition of time and free will (Good night to most of you. Thanks for reading this far). Time is philosophy, which is what we come to want and to want more of and then more of it. Free Will is psychology, with all its twists and turns, finally ground down by time and so in need of the philosopher to act as the liver of the human system, cleansing impurities (Rest well, little sleeper).

   Really, think of your most recent rulers. They were oddly absent from reality. Vaguely benevolent, unable to actually understand what was going on around them, they stirred not during the storm, thinking it would soon blow over, but roused themselves mightily when someone threatened their place. The fiercely clung to their little power, reciting your calls for Revolution to you, so you thought their voice was your own.

   You have only a little time left to turn  back time in order to cleanse the system of its impurities.

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