An Admirable Life-40-Jesus

   If you are to love Jesus, you must love Him as a man, for He presented Himself as a man. If you are going to love Jesus, you must love Him as a Jew, for it is as a Jew He presented Himself.

   If you are to love Jesus, you will have to love Him as the Savior, for it is as the Savior He presents Himself.

   In Post-Modern Christian worship, there is a giant confusion between the Jewish Jesus, Roman Christianity and American Folk Religion, which partakes of Greek perfectionism and various superstitions, all done to excess, as is the American way. To find Jesus in all that probably starts with the Jewishness of Jesus, paired with strong elements of Greek perfectionism. It is never enough just to know the languages, though know the languages we must.

   To know the Jewish Jesus, the Roman Ecclesiastical Jesus and the Post-Modern Superstitious Jesus, one need delve into the culture, the history and the standards of the pre-scientific, pre-historical, pre-psychological age in which He presented Himself. We almost have to know the people who taught the people who taught Jesus to see why His work is revolutionary rather than evolutionary, like that of most Scripture lovers.

   The ancient rabbis, survivors of the Second Temple Era and beyond, changed the worship of the 
Covenant People from Temple worship to Torah worship. In so doing, they made the Covenant worship portable, ethical and Messianic. It is not surprising, then, that Messiah would come of the Jews, for all Book worship depends upon a sentient human being to lead the worship (as priest), to be the focus of the worship (Savior-King-Messiah) and to be the recipient of the blessing of obedience (humanity).

   The Jewish Jesus did not restore the Temple. His church was portable, ethical and Messianic. Thos who spend their literary efforts claiming Jesus had issues pressed on Him by His followers after His death that He never claimed in life should spend at least as much time explaining why any of His sayings matter, then, since they all came in the Jewish tradition, from an amanuensis after the Prophet/Rabbi speaks them. One notes it is only the God-talk of Jesus that is unheeded by the modern writers.

   Be that as it may, the frustration Post-Modern Christians (and others) feel with their religion, I believe comes primarily when we try to make this religion less portable, mindlessly unethical or anti-Messianic.

   The rabbis were on to something. Jesus did not nothing to alter the Torah emphasis of the rabbis. Indeed, He insisted His coming is the fulfilment of Torah. A yodel from Galilee cannot make such claims in the Temple economy of the first common century. A Pharisee like Paul could not change sides, offering Torah to the gentiles, lest he be called a traitor. Jesus is rejected and Paul is hated quite because each gentleman wished to carry the portable, bookish, ethical religion of the rabbis to its intended end, the Advent of Messiah.


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