An Admirable Life-42-Jesus and His Sacrifice

     If you would live an admirable life, be a person of such goodness the Enemy must put you to death in order to maintain its balance. 

   Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., thousands of Tibetan monks, Tyndale, Zwingli, Jesus Himself, all lived so well the world could not contain them and keep its structure. They were too different. To hold them in the world would have been to try to describe green as red, and so each had to die.

   When Jesus, the Supreme Teacher, gave command that each man love his neighbor, He quoted from the legal book, Leviticus. The word "love" from thence was a legal term, not an emotional one. In ancient times, kings pledged by use of this word to love each other in covenant matters. That is, regardless of their needs of the moment, they pledged to be supportive and loyal to one another and to offer aid in times of need. This was love.

   This kind of love as legal agreement to altruism might open the door to univeral love for all beings. Certainly, it is an improvement over many of the actions of governments, corporations and religious actors in human history.

   What is the sacrifice of the Christ? I believe His greatest sacrifice is at the Advent, when He surrenders the independent exercise of His deity. We tend to look at the Crucifixion/Resurrection event, which is the center of all religious history, but the Cross is the anticipated end of  His sacrifice. Crucifixion is the exclamation mark at the end of His life sentence.

   The great work of the Adversary is to delay positive decision making by any means available for the Satan knows man is trapped in time. Man, encased in history, makes decisions recklessly, emanating from his lost fear of annihilation.


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