An Admirable Life-Interlude-Day Three

   You should offer the call as Executive Director of the BGCT/TBC to one of the veteran associational directors. Here is why and then I will tell you who you should select. Then, you can go back to your fruitless search. I will go back to my fruitless writing about the culture wars and how you are losing.

  • A veteran Associational Executive has spent substantial time navigating the waters between Conservative and Conservativer. He has survived. He is not nauseating to the one and wretched to the other.
  • A veteran Associational Executive of a large association has ample administrative experience. He has run a denominational type office. He can look at a spread sheet without having his eyes spin.
  • A veteran Associational Executive is at least an adequate preacher. He preached before and he preaches supply often enough.  Some part of me would like to see a lay-person with an MBA in the top spot but you can find such persons down the line. Your ED has to be a preacher of some kind because he will be asked to represent you in a lot of pulpits.
  • A veteran Associational Executive could stand to put up with you. He also is not beholden to anydiscredited special interest group from the past with inititials similar to yours (think now, think).
  • A veteran Associational Executive Director from one of the large Texas associations would be known in Texas, not primarily in one of the three other states he has been in but would not be despised immediately.

   There you go. I have some other reasons but that is enough for you.

   The ones you should look at are men like Tom Billings, Charles Price, David Smith and Randy Babin. There are other good ones. These are the veterans, with enough administrative ability in large enough bodies to help you survive.

   You dare not pick another sort-of large church pastor. You dare not have another three year directorship. You cannot pick someone because he does not look like the last one. You cannot just grab any associational director because, well, really. 

   So, please do not say I deal only in big picture stuff and never have specifics. You just don't like my specifics. I understand. Reality raises bumps.

   You are welcome.


Opinions expressed here are mine alone.

8 thoughts on “An Admirable Life-Interlude-Day Three”

  1. Rick,
    The idea of using an Associational DOM is a very good thought and idea. In many ways, these men are already doing what the BGCT Ex.Dir. needs to do. Sure, it is on a larger scale at the BGCT, but the job work is at least similar and has some connections. They are denominational men, work with lots of different churches, know how to preach, and they are effective at dealing with many different personalties with different church people every week, etc.
    While I do not know personally the men you mentioned, I am sure they are good men. I know another great Assoc. DOM who has the experience, training, education, disposition, personality. etc., required for this job — his name is Dr. Mike Cosgrove… currently the DOM of the Red River Valley Baptist Association in NE Texas. He went to Texas A&M, has a M.Div. and a D.Min, spent 8 + years in the military, has pastored churches, and also spent time with NAMB as a church planter in the NE part of the USA. He would be great at this job.
    Sure, I would HATE to lose him in our Assoc, but since we are mentioning names, I’ll throw his into the hat.
    Bobby T

  2. Rick,
    I can only hope that someone on the search committee is reading your advice. Maybe you have a Joseph of Aramathea silently following your words.
    There is a chance…right?

  3. Larry Rose could not preach and would tell you so and he was one of the best. However, the reason you used for your rational are the best I have read yet.

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