An Admirable Life-41-Jesus and His Attack on Ignorance

   Modern Western civilization has a surfeit of news gathering agencies and presenters. The slant with which some gatherers present information is little other than pandering to local (tribal) prejudices. The result is misinformation. Those who listen to tilted presentations live on a slant.

   Jesus expends much effort in His ministry offering true insight on previously skewed information. So much of His teaching begins with, "You have heard it said…" and then continues with "…but now I tell you…" 

    Jesus  believes it is not worthwhile to be religious and misinformed. He spends a great deal of His teaching time on the matter of secrecy, borrowing from the Early Rabbis, who talked endlessly about the venality of secret actions. The rabbis, for instance, taught that an armed robber should receive a lesser punishment than a "break-in" thief, because the latter tried by secrecy to hide their works from man and God, thus mocking God. The NT speakers would have to say, "Be not fooled. God is not fooled or mocked or slighted. Whatever a man plants, that will be his harvest."

   Jesus understands this certainty. A lustful man will finally become an adulterous man. A hater will tend to murder, a coveter to theft. Jesus informs His hearers about the secret life, the inner person, who may not actively do ill against others, but who applauds when others do and may trend to evil if he is given the opportunity.

   Jesus combats ignorance. His attack on ignorance irritates the Power Brokers of His day, who happen to be religious leaders. The mass of followers of the Power Brokers do not seem to take much time to do their own inquiry and so are pulled about by various "teachers" who offer them peace or prosperity or health. This is not what Jesus offers. His appeal to end ignorance is much more work than many of his co-religionists (then and now) wish to try.

   Ignorance is insulating. The steadfast adherence to ignorance certainly traps us in continued behaviors that pass ignorance from one generation to another. Jesus does a lot to stop ignorance in His generation. If we are to actually follow Jesus, we will need to answer ignorance, not embrace it for its comforts.



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  1. In an age in which “information is power”, no wonder our churches are so weak.
    I cannot decide which is the greater threat, ignorance by omission, or ignorance by commission? Either why we become open to the predators who thrive in such an environment.
    Get blog!!!!!

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