An Admirable Life-The Interlude Continues, 2

   So, as promised yesterday, let me be specific today about what might work in your search for a new savior-leader for the fading, moderating, returning to the good old days convention of Texas baptist Christians. I promised yesterday to be specific. Let me try.

   You must abhor the cliche. Religion is mostly nonsense on its face if it is not readily practicable (and diligently practiced) as ritual. Repetition is part of ritual, but for your sake quit repeating the errors. 

   Thus, reframe the conversation. Offer pastoral care to pastors with the notion the pastors (preaching ministers and vocational staff) will offer pastoral care to the churches. No, you do not do this now. Free church ministers are barely vetted in most churches, never have to advance their education beyond reading Purpose Driven Whatever, could not tell Heraclitus from Hamlet and don't actually believe much of what they preach from Sermon Central.

   You need a better breed of vocational workers. The ones you have now qre dying of old age. The young seem to be distracted by bright baubles dangled before them by the secular culture. Depth? Serenity?

   Reframe the conversation. Start to work on the preachers/staff. Help the churches weed out the pedophiles, the woman abusers, the drunken drivers. There is a gracious place for such persons but it is first in rehab, not the nave.

   Tomorrow, I will tell you where to find a fellow who can help you reframe the conversation.


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  1. I recall a time when the doers of good in the church were often referred to as ‘hardshell’. It was my understanding that the reason for this moniker was that only a person who could sally forth into their calling, without thought or reaction to the musings or gossip of others(church members), would be successful in their calling.
    Today I see many VFD’s(volunteer fire departments); this seems to be the new calling: To run out and react to whatever is not to what one is acquainted with a fire hose or bucket of water!
    A video game I once played had a character in it who could be quite effective if you kept hands on. It would state in a fiercesome gravelly thunderous way “Give me focus!!!”
    The one thing that I have seen in my experience as an occasional ministry functionary is that everyone has learned, as you say, the cliche, in this case: ‘Go forth under the banner of Unity of Christian Love’, which regretfully is frequently followed by ‘…but God has gifted me elsewhere’.
    This short-sighted study of our ‘gifts’ has led to an extreme division of our fre thinking community in which pastors do play the significant role, until they are ‘called’ away, then the body itself reveals an internal head, which if not sufficient to the interim, then the body falls, whether or not any new prima facie head is found.
    Perhaps one way of accomplishing the needed changes in shepherding quality is to establish a regular and annual or biennial review of said shepherd.
    Specific to organizational fiscal income and outlay is to have at least triennial INDEPENDENT budgetary inspection and accounting.
    But the usual response is that things are sufficient as they stand.
    God will supply. (but will the rocks be the ones clapping their hands?)

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