And, for your weekend sports pleasure…

…I still have my ONE SEED, Florida, in the bracket. I still pick them to win it all. The most entertaining game this weekend will be Kentucky vs. Louisville. I pick the Cardinals to win but the very young UK team does not care what I pick. They have the talent to win the whole thing but I still think Louisville will beat them.

Do not get too excited about Wisconsin. They beat up on an overachieving Baylor team BECAUSE there is nothing in basketball like shot making. Defense, rebounding, free throws, good coaching, all are wonderful and good. Nothing changes a basketball game like making shots. The Badgers made shots over the BU Zone, a zone that would be acceptable in any Junior High School. It is not a Syracuse zone but it is a decent zone, so long as the other team obliges you by  missing their shots over it. UW made their shots and Baylor’s story is over. Check the D style played by Wisconsin’s next opp0nent. Wisconsin may have the easiest road to Arlington now but that is too dismissive of Arizona, who will beat SDSU and then the Badgers. Sorry, Cheeseheads.

As far as my baseball predictions, I had the Rangers in third in the West before half the lineup went on the DL. What starts like this will end like this. I would move them to 4th if the A’s had not lost their top three starting pitchers. I still have it LAA,, Oakland, Texas, Seattle (which could surprise) and then the Houston Nolans.

I have the Rangers picked at 80 wins for the year. I am not being pessimistic.

So, Arizona over SDSU, then over Wisconsin. Florida to the FF to win it all.  That is, if Dayton does not Cinderella the whole thing.



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