And, then, we all grew up…

I was a teenager in the 1960s. Now, I grew up in Texas, so we were not so caught up in the Hippie world, though the boys grew out their hair and wore Hippie type garb. We did listen to the music and a lot of people smoked cigarettes they rolled themselves. Not Bull Durham, no, I mean the kind that gave off a slight purple haze.

Our generation, overall, was to be the end of the conservative movement in America. There would be no more law and order candidates. We were the people who believed in Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. We were all destined to turn on, tune in and drop out. Draft cards and bras were burned. God was dead. A liberal wave was coming; we would tax and spend and control American foreign policy via riots in the streets.

And, then, we all grew up. We went to college or the service or trade school. We married and had a child of our own. We got our house, an old car and started getting wrinkles. In short, we grew up.

We became Republicans, or something like them. We suddenly wanted lower taxes and less regulation.

We grew up.

I shake my very gray head now when I am told all the old conservatives are dying. We will be replaced, we are told, by succeeding generations who want more services and just, generally, free stuff. I take time today to write these words: The generations to come will figure out free costs. Free costs a lot.

In short, they will grow up. When the government has to take 60 per cent more than a100 per cent just to pay on the national debt the grown ups who now live at mom’s house and cannot bother to work will move to the right.

I would like to see that happen without violence. We had more than a little rock throwing in our day, but the world is different now.

Do you remember what really started the change in our day? We saw a religious awakening in America; the Jesus Generation. Far from being dead, God reasserted Godself and the violence abated somewhat.

We need a Great Awakening again today. The best thing you and I can do for our grandchildren is to spend our last years making converts. We need more Christians. Frankly, we need real Christians. Real Christians will see through the smoke put out by various Fake News agents.

From today until Election Day, 2020, I will spend some screen space designed to help us see through some of the Fake News from each side. We need to make informed decisions. The Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, the Iranians, the Democrats, the Republicans; all want to tell us a story designed to confuse even the wise.

We have to be grownups.

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