And, yet,I post again…

 This promises to  be an exciting week. The first of the 2012 Presidential debates looms large on Wednesday.

And, on Friday, I turn 59. Yes, that most exciting of ages. 59.

What man has not dreamed of his 59th birthday? Oh, the excitement!

And, the debate? One hears Mr. Obama must just not make the big mistake. His ascendancy is assured if only he avoids an “oops” moment. All the polls say so.

I have previously demonstrated the major polls of 2012 are unreliable because they treat the voter turnout of 2008 as the norm instead of as an anomaly. The change in voter turnout in certain segments of the voting public only needs to change about 1.5% for the polls to show the race as dead even, or slightly tilted in favor of the GOP top ticket.

And, this is without adding this item. Those voters do not have to switch allegiance to the other party. They only have to stay at home. In every election in modern times these segments of society have been under represented at the polls. To get them to stay home is really not that hard.

So, it says here, Mr. Obama must do better than hold serve for this debate to mean much. Mr. Romney does not have to hurl a Hail Mary, or whatever it is Mormons hurl.

Enjoy your week.



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