April 3, 2016 Is Not A Launch Day, It Is Just Our First Day…

…to teach/preach through the Bible, beginning in Genesis 1:1. I have not idea where all this will take us. I do invite you to attend.

Freedom Community Church in Midlothian, Texas has offered us space to hold an early worship time at their facility, 5360 Buffalo Street in the Buffalo Hills Addition off Hwy. 287 between Midlothian and Mansfield. We will meet beginning this Sunday, April 3, 2016, at 8:30am. Larry Atchley is the pastor of the church, not Rick Davis. I will not be the pastor of the Freedom Community Church, not ever. Their very faithful, long-serving pastor, Larry Atchley, has been, is and will be the pastor.

Please help me avoid confusion on that point, if no other.

Our emphasis in worship will be on content. For as long as we get to meet, we will preach/teach through Scripture, line by line and verse by verse.

I do not intend to spend the time on dogma, or the doctrine of this denomination over here as opposed to that denomination over on the other side. I do intend to offer some teaching on the deep philosophical roots of Christian thought. My motive will be to offer Christians some meaningful insights on how we may answer the questions our culture poses to us. By “our culture,” I mean, of course, the wider world outside our tiny Christian subculture.

We must try to open our minds to the Word and our Hearts to the World. Christians spend too much time talking to other Christians and not nearly enough time, or energy reaching into the greater portion of our population. The naive materialism that passes for evangelical atheism these days is not easily refuted when once it is given place to root, but it is only naive materialism, the kind Christians have answered for centuries. We find ourselves obligated to answer this effete argument again, with one great difference, this time; we seem not to know our own faith well enough to engage the culture.

So, let us try.

Yesterday, I took off a day from my tent-making job, to pray and consider the World as it is. Life intruded. I found myself in public, doing errands. At one stop, a young man I did not know came up to me and began telling me the story of his life. Full of tragedy, devoid of meaning, just empty.

He repeatedly said, “I don’t know why I am talking to you. I don’t even know you. I just saw you sitting over here with your book and I needed to talk to you.”

He talked until he talked himself out and then listened awhile. I talked to him about the Kingdom, about the Savior. it was, after all, the day after Resurrection Sunday. After a time, he let me pray with him and he prayed to ask the Christ to come into his life as Savior.

It turned out he did not want a thing from me. We parted, agreeing to meet again.

A half hour later, my phone rang. I had a call from out of state, from someone else I did not know. Somehow or other, the fellow got my number from a place I no longer live and called to ask me to go find his son. I spent about an hour looking for this other young man. We, too, had a long talk and a prayer time, all started by a frantic call from three states away. The prodigal was on his way home by sundown and I felt content.

There are so many people who will listen, or talk, or just cry out. You and I want to be available to them, but sometimes we need more than mere presence. God must go on before us.

I hope to begin this conversation more pointedly starting this Sunday, at 8:30 am, at Freedom Community Church. Please feel invited to attend.

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