Arch-Anarchist Todd Littleton Influences African-American Voters

   Aintsobad is flabbergasted. Flabbergasted, we say. We cannot imagine how he does it. He is everywhere, like dirt, only slightly less irritating if he gets in your eyes.

   Aintsobad is speechless. It will take at least a thousand words in this post alone to describe the level of our absolute and utter silence.

   Arch-Anarchist, Radical Chaositist Dr. Todd Littleton is now shown to have pervasive influence even in the African-American religious community. Who could have predicted the Stygian crevasse of his evil-doing?

   When does the man sleep? And on what Procrustean bed does he force his readers to lie, ere he reshapes them in his guise as servant?

   He is like the wind; everywhere at once and often blowing hard. Aintsobad is shocked, shocked we rise tosay, and thus scarcely able to type words of incredulity into this ancient Dell machine.

   And, what, gentle reader, is the cause of our dismay (aintsobad now uses the royal "we" to indicate our height above the fractious fray)? Of course, as ever, the source of our sorrow is the carefully laid work of the Evil One, Todd Allen Littleton (if that is, in fact, his name, border security being what it is these days).

   And, what is the latest act of the Noble Dissenter, as he chooses to style himself, so that the mob will have a harder time uncovering him? Oh, dear friend, it is now discovered by aintsoabd that many Black pastors are telling their congregants to stay home in November. The Black pastors are appalled by the lack of real choice among the two major Presidential choices and will not take part in the farce. We mean, in the election.

   Yes! Black pastors say they have trouble sending parishioners to vote for either candidate. And, this just in, one of the candidates they cannot forbear still appears to be black. Racial solidarity (i.e., mindless racism) appears to be extinct in the Black American community.

   Aintsobad, from his fiery aerie of disapproval (from whence we disapprove of almost all things, lest there be no conflict among us), finds it more than a bit discombobulating to know black pastors, unlike their paler counterparts, insist upon honest doctrine, clean living and transparent faith.  If a candidate of either party will ask for their vote on the basis of his religiosity, the black pastors demand he demonstrate valid Christian living. Not mormonism from the one nor the advocacy of same-sex marriage from the other;  thoughtful African-American pastors demand honest, actual Christian values, along with Christian living.

    Aintsobad can scarcely believe what we see. How did it come to this?

    Littleton is everywhere.

    According to an Associated Press report on September 17, 2012, various African-American pastors have decided to sit out the 2012 Presidential election altogether. They have even taken issue with their larger denominational bodies, whose stands on religion in politics and on social issues the pastors cannot abide.

   Black pastors remember the Mormon's racist ban on blacks in church service. The ban has been lifted in recent years but the older black pastors have no trouble remembering it. One Southern Baptist Convention pastor, Dwight McKissic of Arlington, Texas, offered a resolution at a recent SBC annual meeting that would have condemned the LDS's racist stance. 

   The Southern Baptist Convention, heavily invested in the Republican Party, defeated that resolution. Various SBC leaders even put out literature indicating there is no religious reason a good baptist could not vote for a Mormon and sent them around to the other churches.

   Apparently, the Afican-American leaders differ with their white SBC neighbors. The Black disenchantment with the poor theology of the convention leaders may have consequences later. Blacks, accustomed to fighting for the right to speak and vote, may not lamely accept a monolithic denominational stance in clear contravention to Scripture for the sake of "fellowship." 

   And, to boot, the same African-American leaders deplore President Obama's recent statement in favor of same-sex union. One pastor called it "a betrayal of the Bible and of the Black Church."

   Apparently, the pastor was not gulled by the Presidential penchant to "have it both ways." The President announced he had changed his mind on the matter of same-sex union but also said "marriage is a state matter." Mr. Obama apparently wants the LGT vote but does not want to actually do anything for them. 

   Empty words exchanged for a few nice reviews.

   And people say Mr. Obama has not grown as a politician.


   Imagine the gall of these Black pastors. They brings the Bible and the Church into the religiously electrified US political scene. If we are to have people who will blindly agree with us, so that we might know we are righteous before God by lamely offering our vote to one party, how are we to accept the radical teaching that, just perhaps, neither party has it right, a stance now offered to our hearts by these Black ministers?

   I ask you, Caucasian readers, is it not enough these African-Americans lead our culture in Arts, Athletics and Politics? D9 we have to cede Morality, Ethics and Religion to the Blacks, as well?

   What is left for us, then?


   No, not even snacks. Snack leadership ended when we let nachos over the border.

    There has been an enormous Snack Gap ever since then.

      Of course, aintsobad sees the dismal hand of the Evil Chaositist Revered Doctor Todd Littleton at work in this latest disclosure. His grasping tentacles extend even into the Black community. Can nothing stop his evil march to non-participatory democracy?

   Henry VIII, wishing to annul yet another fruitless marraige, looked down the road to Canterbury, where Thomas More blocked his way.

   "Will no one rid me of this stubborn priest?" Henry demanded.

   And, then some did rid him of that stubborn priest.

   May no evil ever befall a man of conscience, be he priest or parishioner. Let him be seen as a man for all seasons.

   Oh, we do own orufears. We do own them, indeed.

   You see, it did require over 1,000 words for aintsobad to explain our disdain.



Opinions expressed here are mine alone. 


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