Are You ——– Enough?

   A noted African-American actor sizes up the Obama Administration. He says, "This is not an African-American Administration. It is not black enough."

   Sarah Palin says Mitt Romney has not been, is not and will not be "conservative enough." He is not a "severely conservative" fellow.

   I lived through this in Texas religious politics for a few years. You could not be sympathetic to the conservative and moderate groups. You had to be one or the other, nothing touching and you had to be ready at any time to prove your credentials to (prior) non-combantants who could attack you anywhere on whether or not you were —– enough.

   No wonder we get a Senatorial nominee in a mid-Western state parsing what is and is not legitimate forced intercourse. He grew up not knowing when —- enough is —–enough.

   So, while the economy limps along, while 23 million Americans who wish to work cannot find work and millions more cannot find decent work, we have to spend our time listening to both parties ask the American people, "Is my opponent —-enough for you?"

    Of the two major candidates, we have one who may not have been born in this country (unproven) and one who will not keep his money in this country (proven). Please note, to even mention either possibility you just read puts aintsobad beyond the pale for those who think this site is not —-enough.

   I have had about —- enough of all this. 

   In Texas religious politics we waved the  Bible often —- enough that it became a totem of political party, rather than our central religious guide. Even that was not enough. I know, now, as a Texas baptist religious figure, you could advocate the Bible every Sunday for ten years, never mention God, the Christ or salvation, and still be considered —– enough, if you will swear to inerrancy.

   Then, you will have to pick the particular statement on inerrancy, or the mega-church preacher who pushes it and then you can be —- enough for some people for awhile. 

   Politics, particularly when it comes without a natural constituency or must appeal to another constituency than its native state to remain relevant will always have to highlight differences. You will forever have to prove your orthodoxy, if orthodoxy is all you offer. Highly placed persons use orthodoxy they barely maintain to keep a position they may barely deserve and richly dishonor.

   When someone you barely know, who knows you not at all, starts to question your orthodoxy, your —- enoughness, watch your back. 



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  1. Yes, at least the Democratic Minnesota state lawmaker who was engaged in statutory rape of a 17 year old boy at a rest area had the sense to drop out his race today.

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