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From our Chains of Grace Family

You can find out more about Chains of Grace Ministry by going to You will find various ways to contribute to our ministry there, as well. We make no apology about asking Free Folks for financial help in our ministry to persons re-entering society. We believe every dollar you send is well spent. WeContinue Reading

A Chains of Grace Thanksgiving

Please visit our website at Yes, there are the inevitable places there to donate, but you can also find out about our ministry and all the ways you can help. What I want to do today is offer some very American Thanksgiving Holiday Thanks to God, to our Board, to our sister ministry HavenContinue Reading

Moms Warn Your Sons-PG-13-Day Five-Porn Alert

PG-13 Some Material Will Not Be Suitable for Younger Readers. Parental Supervision is Highly Recommended   For more information, go to Chains of Grace Ministry provides re-entry supervision and support for men and women coming out of incarceration Roughly one-half of the persons in our residential program are Registered Sex Offenders, or RSOs. HereContinue Reading

Moms Warn Your Sons-PG-13-Day Four

PG-13 Some material may not be suitable for younger readers. Parental discretion is recommended. Over the last week at this site we have offered some insights for mothers with sons of whatever age. Inparticular, we wish to get to mothers with young sons. Our ministry, Chains of Grace (find us at is Christ-centered andContinue Reading

Moms Warn Your Sons-PG-13-Day Three

I should stop here and let you know a couple of things: My work now is mostly with ex-convicts on parole or probation. I find this must include their family, if it is possible to reconnect the Re-entering Citizen with any part of their family. One of the men at one of our residences (weContinue Reading

Moms Warn Your Sons-PG-13-Day Two

PG-13-Some material may not be suitable for younger readers. Parental guidance is strongly suggested. Let me try to answer two of the major questions that came to me after yesterday’s post. Why don’t you just tell offenders not to do the crime in the first place? Our ministry, Chains of Grace (find us at Reading

Mothers Please Warn Your Sons-PG-13-Day One

This series is PG-13. Some material may not be suitable for younger audiences. Parental supervision is recommended. Mothers of sons, I am going to beg you to help your sons before they come to us. Who are we? We are Chains of Grace Ministries. We provide re-entry services for men and women coming out ofContinue Reading

Many, Many Thanks to our New Contributors

Please let me give thanks to our new contributors! Doug and Sarah Chandler Jan and Randy Turner Pat Hite Troy Kuykendall Allen and Sarah McHam Cody and Mattie Self-NEWLYWEDS!!! Michael and Cathy Reynolds Jimmy Shehane Jonathan and Stephanie Davis Joan Shehane Davis Jordan and Caitie Davis Jeremy and Crystal Davis Jo Ann Stafford Christian LifeContinue Reading


Do you vote? I belong to that generation (Boomers, Busters, whatever you want to call us) that shows up to vote. I vote in every election. I vote early because I do not like lines but if I have to wait in line to vote, I will wait in line to vote. President to dogContinue Reading

Chains of Grace Ministry On-Line Fund Raiser-Our Grateful Thanks

My sincere thanks to all those who made donations to Chains of Grace Ministry through one or more of the means we offered around my birthday last week. We had more than $1,000 come in so far. I still need to do the tabulations on two of our portals; the website itself and the snailContinue Reading