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To Take Advantage of the Prisoner Caste: Despicable

We find people who do what we do but apparently do it for profit. They will take in parolees and probationers, but they require the Reentry Citizen to surrender their WIC card, their benefits and to work for the site owner. This is not the appopriate way to help a person reenter society. It isContinue Reading

A Clarification: We Do Not Take Advantage of the Disadvantaged

In this space we have mentioned our efforts to find Felon Friendly Employers. We sponsor Job Fairs twice a year. We take our men and women to interviews. We help them with resumes, interview skills and good clothing for their interviews. We do expect our residents to work. They do pay fees to counselors, paroleContinue Reading

Changing the Story: Prevention, Part 5

How might you help us do this ministry of Reentry? Persons who come to us out of a prison need a ride to a safe house, where they may reasonably expect to live affordably. They will need food; we will provide it. The out of date clothing they wear from the prison must be replaced;Continue Reading

Changing the Story: Prevention, Part Four

What we do here and on our website is intended to prevent young men and women from ever coming to our ministry as a resident. We do not want your son or daughter after the years and the prisons have beaten them down to nothing. We really want your children living happy, healthy, wholesomeContinue Reading

Changing the Story: Prevention, Part Three

Some have noticed two of our preventive assertions most clearly: Internet pornography is a starting point for many young people, male and female, to enter a world of fetish brutality and self absorption. Males who victimize themselves with porn addiction are more likely to respond to a significant female in their life when they startContinue Reading

Changing the Story: Prevention, Part Two

To help protect your loved ones from incarceration, consider these factors: Virtually every application for entry into our program cites alcohol or substance abuse as a major contributor to the offence. That is, almost everyone who comes out of prison on parole to our program says at the time of their offense, they were underContinue Reading

Change the Story: Prevention

When the board of Chains of Grace graciously interviewed me for the Executive Director’s position, we mostly discussed the three things I felt were key to this ministry. In sequence, they were: Prevention-By determining what takes a man or woman to prison and dealing with the key elements (for which there is no dearth ofContinue Reading

Chains of Grace: Our Ladies House Would Be Full, Except…

…for our overwhelming desire to take care of our ladies as best we can. Here is an update: We have three wonderful ladies in our ladies residence right now We have room for four more, perhaps five. We believe we have at least three more ladies on the way to live as residents with us.Continue Reading

Changing the Story: Older Felons

Some of our folks are older men with no place to go. These men do not have jobs, but they do have someone who will help them with their fees, or they receive Social Security or some retirement from a previous employer. We provide safe, affordable, clean housing, so they are able to spend theirContinue Reading

I Did Not Get It Done But I Will Make It Up to You

My goal for this year is 365 posts on this blogsite. Yesterday was the first day this new year I failed to post, though I sat down to write more than once. Some distraction or other got in my way. Last night at our ministry site, Pastor Nolen Yancey preached for the first time inContinue Reading