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Reading Right Now

I do not believe education or legislation or disbanding the common security forces can touch the social issues afflicting our poor nation now. At least, no one means will fully address, let alone solve, the cultural distress felt by persons of various races. Education can help. I am reading and even rereading these books right… Continue Reading

Try This Framework

While you are being told to reframe your life, try this: Your life is a ministry, not a race or a career or anything else. Your life is a ministry. The ministry that is your life belongs to God. Therefore you belong to God and can faithfully trust God. Since your life is a ministry… Continue Reading

Keep the Police. Disband the Civilian Governments Who Run Them.

Who runs the Police Force in your city/town/hamlet/village/burg? The Police Department where you live is run by some form of elected civilian government. The Police do not hire or fire themselves, arm themselves, decide on uniforms or buy patrol vehicles. All that happens because of some elected civilian government. No? Really? If my assertion is… Continue Reading

James Shields has died. He was 86.

Joseph McClain A J Turner Jose Rivas Wallace Roark Bryce Sandlin Clyde Majors Robert Campbell Nat Tracy James Shields These men served on the faculty of the Institute of Christianity at Howard Payne University. Overworked, underpaid, loving, kind, decent helpful These men made a difference in the lives of a lot of preachers and even… Continue Reading

Speech is Violence. Language is Violence. Rioting is not Violence. Looting is not Violence. What?

For a number of years we have been lectured by our Leftist friends about the violence of our language. Speech, we are told, is violence, if it hurts someone’s feelings or if we say something with which someone else might disagree. Speech is violence. Language is violence. The same people who told us speech is… Continue Reading

Tami Tobey for School Board 2020

Tami Tobey apparently went to a Halloween Party in black face makeup in 2012 or 2013. I was not at the party so I cannot say when it happened or what other people wore. Tami Tobey now knows this is a serious breach of mannerly behavior. African Americans do not like to have their heads… Continue Reading

The Persecuted Caste: What Happens When You Cannot Get Justice Where You Are

The Exodus Hebrews suffered persecution down in Egypt. A Pharaoh arose of a clan who did not remember the great good Hebrews did building up the land of Egypt. This Pharaoh feared the Hebrews would become so numerous the Egyptian culture would disappear. He ordered abortion of all newborn Hebrew males. He insisted on essential… Continue Reading