Back Again

We spent hours over the last two weeks cleaning up my blog site. Our IT team for Chains of Grace has the site now free of unwanted pop up ads and has helped protect us from further intrusions by various entities.

I am immensely grateful to our IT team. After years of being told we could not get the site cleaned up our team got it done. The team has also spent hours helping me get familiar with some new tech.

I also wish to thank Michael Reynolds for the keyboard he sent my way. I can now get on with my phone and small keyboard. I am not lugging a computer around with me for the first time in years.

My intention is to use these great helps to post more often. As my readers from yesteryear will recall I posted most days for a twelve year period. I put up 1k to 2k words for those twelve years. Try it and then get back to me in twelve years. You have to write all your own stuff, so no cheating.

My stuff still gets used by various persons. I understand I have a book in a foreign language in a country where missionaries cannot go but Christians abound. I will not say where.

My intention in the time left to me is to post regularly again. I don’t know if that means every day or even five times a week. I do know my IT guys and readers like Michael Reynolds have worked hard to make it easier for me to post. I am so grateful.

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