Back and Hard At It

 Yesterday was not so great. Car trouble, friends in hospitals, mostly an interrupted day from about 4:30 am to nearly midnight last night. Alas, woe is me, life made me hit a lick for an entire day at my exalted age.

And, meanwhile, I voted. On Monday. I have exercised the franchise, cast my ballot to reduce the national debt. At least, that was my intention. And, at the polling places I oversaw (exactly two) the early turnout was considerable. One site literally had lines out the door and around the corner for awhile on Days One and Two.

I have no real explanation for why so many people are showing up early for this election. I consider three possibilities, and you may have some more>

  1. Like me, people are exhausted. They made up their minds long ago, the least of two tough choices and now they just want their part over and done.
  2. Many do not wish to run the risk of large lines on the actual election day, November 6.
  3. Many are energized by the campaigns and wish to make their voices heard now.

And you may have some other ideas. There are people who will not cast a vote early because they believe the old story about those early votes not being counted. Personally, I think it would be easier to “miss a few” on the heaviest days instead of on the lighter days. You decide.

As for me, I voted, I am done  and I am glad. Let the repenting begin.



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