Baptism Inside the Prison

Yesterday, three brothers from our church helped me go to prison.

(Fill in your punch-line here_________)


We made our way out to the local unit, filled up a trough and baptized. And baptized. And baptized.

One other Christian brother baptized three fellows. Then our time stepped up. We baptized 17 more who professed faith in Jesus, renounced the works of Satan and took a vow to Christ’s Church.

I was just privileged to do the actual work of baptism. The hard work has been done by these brothers and others who work inside those walls day after day, week after week. One brother has been working with inmates in this unit for over 25 years.I am in awe of these men, who ask nothing and take a lot of guff in the bargain.

I love you guys.



1 thought on “Baptism Inside the Prison”

  1. I know some folks who work inside the walls of a couple of facilities in Oklahoma. Tough/rewarding work. And sometimes the “Pastor” of the flock is a lifer.

    God works His ways. Thank God!


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