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This is official Opening Day for MLB, though the Dodgers have already played three games on two continents. winning all but two of them. This is befitting a team that has replaced the Tax And Spend Yankees as the most expensive team ever assembled. If this crew does not win the World Series and end global warming the will be remembered as underachievers.

Whilst we are in this discussion, let me REMIND everyone I picked Florida to win the NCAA March Madness Tournament this year. I almost did not make this pick because Florida entered the tournament as the Number One Seed in their Regional and the Number One Ranked team in the nation. These twin burdens are often too much to bear in this One and Done Age. Still, I went with coaching and talent and experience.

In the cause of full disclosure, let me add these items:

  1. I am not a Gator Fan
  2. I am not a Gator Man
  3. I picked Florida solely on merit, with promise of some illusory federal subsidy on my tax return
  4. The one team in their way that scared me most was U Conn,t he 7th seed. Experience, talent, et al. Now, Florida must beat UConn to get to the Championship Game. I picked UF from the start and I am staying with them but, let me repeat, this will be a tough game, match-up wise.

And, for baseball, I want to be an Oriole fan this year, since the Rangers will be so far down, something around 80 wins total for the year. My sincere hope is that I am wrong but they are weak up the middle; Catcher-Second Base-Injured Shortstop and Unproven in Center Field. The pitching staff is made up of unproven youth and repaired age. The fellow who is their best is on the 15 Day DL because of bad sleeping. The fellow who should be the best is out for three more months because he tripped over his dog.

So, I would like to be an Oriole fan, except the manage is a guy who can build but not finish. I worked for a little man who was a good starter and a non-completer once. As it became obvious he was steering the Titanic back into the Iceberg again and again, let’s just say he tightened up in the clubhouse until no one could play for him. That, my friends, is Buck Showalter.

Ergo, since I will waste time pulling for someone, history says, I have decided to dump a load of grace on ny old stand-by, the St. Louis Baseball Cardinals. In fact, I pick the Cards to win it all, again, this year, rather than the LA Dollars (I mean Dodgers) for the simple reason it is a proven burden for a professional team to play up to its contracts the first year of the big contracts.

Rangers, third in the West. Orioles, third in the Second in the East, unless Toronto suddenly discovers its stroke. And, the Cards to take it all, some time early this winter.

No, none of this matters at all. Sports do not matter at all past late Youth League anything. This is habit, not keen interest on my part. We shall indeed see who wins but we will indeed see who wins it all, and regardless of our predictions, it is comforting to know someone will win.


Do not bet on Sports. Do Not Do IT.

Remember this, however, as the old boys used to say:

The race is not always to the swift,

Nor the battle always to the strong,

But that is always the way to bet.


Have a good Opening Day. Hope Springs Eternal in the Human Breast and that is What Opening Day Means.

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