Basketball: How Do I Love Thee?

   I am sitting just now in our AC among members of the HPU Men's Soccer Team who are over to watch the English Premier League game Celts Vs. Manchester United (in their blue jerseys for today). The kids seem to be having a good time watching this Communist sport, so they have started me thinking about Basketball, the game of God, mother, apple pie and the flag.

   Our little chapter has been meeting for about a month under my presidency. We have argued our way through some tough issues. We managed to regain a lost customer school from last year, mending fences along our way. We have added about 60-75 games to our schedule as a result. We have added about a dozen new referees and tried hard to get them trained and up to speed so they can get on the court. We have established a new way of doing business, with slightly more open communication. I think we are off to a good start.

   So, that is the administrative part of the work. I am glad the guy's elected me president after three years in the chapter. I didn't ask them to put up my name but I thought I could bring some adminstrative skills to the position. I don't want to spend my life going to empty meetings but our chapter actually does things for which we need to have some organization and effective leadership.

   So, that being done, we had our first scrimmages last night. I had four senior referees and five trainees on the court, with an evaluator in the stands. The supervision of the referee rotation took some of my time and attention. It was actually a pleasure when I could just get on the court to run, watch the game and execute my position.

   I guess I should say I was the eldest of the group. In fact, I was older than the coaches. I had a twenty six year old new referee shadow me up and down the court to show him some things. I noticed he was puffing pretty hard after a couple of trips. I don't walk the court.

   My pal, Blake, says, "You look good out there, grandpa."

   Gentle humor.

   It is good the season is on. Long live the Holy Game.

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